A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1777

He withdrew his gaze, did not dare to look at the old man in Huaguo again, and at the same time quickly retracted the iron ball pinched on his finger.
Although he was very unwilling, he had to admit that he couldn’t stop this damn Lin Ziming! ! !
At this moment, Tsolang next to him approached and whispered to him: “Dear Mr. Adam, this Chinese is too threatening to our beautiful country. Why don’t you take action?”
Although his voice was very small, it was still heard by some people around him, such as Xiaowu Shen, Peng Zhuo and Li Dao…
So immediately, their eyes looked over.
Adam coughed twice and glared at Tsolang. Sometimes he couldn’t understand how this crazy guy got to the pinnacle of power in the beautiful country.
He didn’t answer, but replied in a low voice, “Concentrate on watching the game.”
Tsolang was glared by Adam’s eyes, and he immediately struck a spirit, realizing that he might be annoying Adam, but he couldn’t understand why he was annoying Adam? I can’t do anything.
Now seeing Adam obviously didn’t want to pay attention to him, he was somewhat annoyed in his heart, but he couldn’t say anything anymore, and kept his eyes on the ring.
At the same time, the audience in the audience finally came to their senses, sending out a wave like a mountain whistling and a tsunami!
“One move!! Just one move!! Instructor Lin defeated this incredible Levsky hahahaha…”
“It’s so cool! It’s so cool! Instructor Lin is so amazing! He just pulled the opponent out of the air and smashed it to the ground!!! Too cruel, so exciting!!! But I like it!”
“Cool! This is the style of our country, so we should treat them like this!! Let them still dare to bully us!! Hahaha…”
All the Chinese martial artists in the audience were extremely excited at this moment, standing up one by one, shouting with real arms, and their faces flushed with blood, just as if they were beaten with chicken blood!
Calling the three words of Instructor Lin over and over again, the momentum was like a rainbow, and it directly overwhelmed all the warriors in other countries.
Not only that, all over the world, the Chinese warriors who were watching the game also burst into huge cheers.
Some are in the company, some are in the park, some are in the tourist attractions, and some are even in the school… Cheers burst out all the time, and everyone around them is scared, and everyone thinks something is wrong. thing.
This global grand occasion has occurred for the first time since the establishment of China for many years.
For Ouyang Yanran and the others, the hearts they were holding now finally relaxed. They couldn’t help but shed tears of excitement, and said loudly, “He did it! He really did it!!!”
Yang Guiying came over excitedly and grabbed Chu Fei’s hand, and said loudly, “Madam, you see that there is no such thing, Master, he really did it! Ahhhhhhh…”
Chu Fei also showed a proud smile on her face.
Her gaze looked deeply at Lin Ziming on the ring, and at the most important man in her life, with the corners of her mouth rising and love overflowing. At this moment, she once again felt that she was the happiest in the world. woman.
Not only her, but also Tao Sanniang in another corner, now she is smiling very happy, very proud, and very excited.
Lin Ziming is also her man. Although Lin Ziming has never given her any status, she knew in her heart that she has been Lin Ziming’s woman all her life, and her heart has always been connected to Lin Ziming. .
Now that Lin Ziming shines and wins glory for China, how can she not be excited, how can she not be proud

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