A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1779

After Lin Ziming finished saying these words, he seemed to be in a hurry to make a move. He carried his hands on his back, as if he was a master, and walked towards them step by step without any haste.
Although he was walking, it seemed that there was nothing special. However, every step he took was like a giant stepping on the ring, causing the ring to tremble with every step he took.
This scene was a shocking event for everyone in the audience. You must know that this arena is not an ordinary concrete floor, but is made of stainless steel that is half a meter thick.
Although they have fought just now, they have destroyed a lot now.
Especially the remaining five people on the ring felt the terrible energy of Lin Ziming’s body, and they didn’t suffer any harm at all, and they were full of energy.
Among them, the Black Mamba and the other Innate Realm Great Perfection master, facing Lin Ziming’s powerful aura, they both took two steps back in fear, and in terms of aura, they had already fallen a lot.
“Don’t panic! Don’t retreat!!”
Romer yelled out in a deep voice, his eyes were sharp, and he stared at Lin Ziming tightly, his muscles tightened!
He knew that at this point, they all had no chance to shrink back, and the only way was to defeat Lin Ziming!
Nakake Junichiro also realized this, and he said loudly: “Romer is right, we can’t go back. At this time, we have to stimulate all our potential, even if we are overdrawn, we must be killed. Lin Ziming, otherwise we will die!”
The momentum of the two of them is constantly improving.
It turned into two pillars of air and rose into the sky. For a while, in terms of aura, it was actually able to contend with Lin Ziming.
The remaining three people were also infected. In this situation, they really have no way out. This is no longer an ordinary life-and-death struggle, but a battle involving dignity.
The warriors all over the world look at them. If they really shrink back, then it is not just them, but their country that will be ashamed!
And they will also become sinners of the country.
This kind of consequence is something they cannot bear.
Moreover, the aura on their bodies has also begun to change. From the beginning, the aura is like a rainbow, and slowly becomes tragic…
For them, Lin Ziming is no longer as simple as an opponent, but a big demon riding on their heads. They must kill Lin Ziming. Even if this opportunity is not great, they still have to do it!
They are ready to die.
For a time, after their tragic aura emerged, all the foreign warriors in the audience felt it, and they were also infected. They clenched their fists one by one, and felt in their hearts for the five Innate Realm Great Perfection masters on the stage. Pray, cheer up.
Lin Ziming felt this tragic emotion, and the corners of his mouth rose again, showing a smile that was not a smile, “It’s quite tragic, it seems that you are all ready to die. If this is the case, let’s start. .”
After saying this, Lin Ziming’s figure disappeared from the place where there was no sign. For everyone in the audience, it really disappeared out of thin air.
However, only the five people on the ring could perceive that Lin Ziming did not disappear, but that Lin Ziming’s speed was too fast, and Lin Ziming didn’t know what kind of body technique he was using, so they didn’t have any. There was a sonic boom, and everything seemed so silent.

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