A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1781

Lin Ziming was not surprised by his reaction. He just showed a disdainful smile and said, “Want to run? Can you run?”
When the voice fell, Lin Ziming was already facing this person and quickly chasing after him.
When Romelton was in a hurry, he shouted: “Can’t run! Let’s go together!!!”
But the other party didn’t have any reason for Romeel at all. At this time, he was already scared. Now all over his body, there is only one thought left, and that is to run, run with great effort!
The opponent’s speed was already very fast, and within a second, he had already ran to the edge of the ring, and he was about to jump out of the ring and escape.
But at this moment, he suddenly felt a chill in his neck, and felt the breath of Lin Ziming, right behind him!
Then, he found that his neck was tight and his feet were off the ground. The body that had been moving forward at high speed stopped, and his whole person was hovering in the air.
It turned out that after he rushed to the edge of the ring, Lin Ziming lifted his neck, like pinching a chicken, lifting him up, his feet kicked in the air, but nothing happened. Struggling, it seems that the strength gap is extremely obvious.
Lin Ziming’s voice rang in his ear, “Do you think you ran away?”
At any rate, he is also a master of Innate Realm Great Perfection. He has fought countless times in his life and has rich experience. He is aware of the strong gap between himself and Lin Ziming. In the light of sparks, he made the most correct response, that is, counterattack. , Kicked towards Lin Ziming’s crotch!
That is where a man is vulnerable. Once he is kicked, even Lin Ziming’s abnormal physique will be injured!
It’s a pity that his reaction is already very quick, very quick and effective, but for Lin Ziming, it still seems too slow and too tricky.
I didn’t see Lin Ziming making any difficult moves, that is, seeing Lin Ziming squeeze hard, and heard a squeak, this person’s neck was chopped off by Lin Ziming, and the original violent kick was also lost. Without the support, he weakly kicked Lin Ziming’s thigh. To Lin Ziming, it was like being bitten by a mosquito.
Then, Lin Ziming threw the Dzogchen master of this innate realm at the feet of Romer and Black Mamba like throwing an abandoned doll.
“The three of you are left.”
Lin Ziming smiled brightly at them, it looked like an old friend said hello.
But for the three of them, this was the most terrifying and gloomy smile in the world, completely shattering their courage and mind.
Even Romer now has the idea of ​​running away!
Isn’t it right? None of their seven Great Congenital Realm Great Perfection masters were Lin Ziming’s opponents. How long has it been since they were beaten to leave the three of them.
If they don’t run, they won’t have a chance to run.
Hei Mamba was stared at by Lin Ziming’s eyes now, and his whole body was agitated. There was no sign or greeting, so he turned around and ran away.
He has only one idea now, run, run with all his strength!
No matter how far you run, you will never step into the territory of China again in this life, and I will never want to see Lin Ziming again for the rest of my life!
Not only him, the Dzogchen master of Innate Realm next to him also ran away.
Lin Ziming sighed and said, “Do you really think you ran away?”
After finishing talking, Lin Ziming first chased the Dzogchen master of the Innate Realm, and the speed was so fast that even the most advanced camera in the world could not capture Lin Ziming’s movements. When the next moment appeared, he had already arrived. In front of that innate realm Dzogchen master, there was no extra nonsense, so he kicked it out directly.
From an extremely tricky and unexpected angle.
The opponent was obviously also a top-level combat expert, with exquisite moves. He caught Lin Ziming’s attack, quickly kicked out, and went head-to-head with Lin Ziming.
“Yes, I can still react.” Lin Ziming was stingy with his compliments, but what happened next was that Lin Ziming kicked off the opponent’s right leg.
“Ah ah ah ah!!!” He let out a screaming scream, and sat down paralyzed. He was known as the king of the legs in the world, fighting against Lin Ziming, but was kicked and broken by Lin Ziming! How terrifying is Lin Ziming’s strength and physical strength?
He couldn’t imagine it anymore.

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