A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1783

Facing Lin Ziming’s shot, Romer also stimulated all his potential and let out a soul cry: “Then you go to die!!”
He was desperate, Lin Ziming deceived people so much that he didn’t let him go.
He admits that he is not Lin Ziming’s opponent, but it is impossible for Lin Ziming to kill him intact! Even if he was about to die, he would have to pull Lin Ziming off his horse. Therefore, he was completely killing 800 enemies and self-defeating a thousand. Even if he was struggling to be severely injured by Lin Ziming, he would still hurt Lin Ziming.
How could Lin Ziming not know what he was thinking, just sneered and said that the man’s arm blocked the car.
I have to say that Romer’s strength is still extraordinary, much better than the other six Innate Realm Dzogchen masters.
If Lin Ziming still hadn’t condensed to the general trend and had the strength to break through to a half-step through the God Realm, then he really couldn’t do it if he wanted to take Romer intact.
But now, Romer is nothing more than an ant.
So Lin Ziming didn’t even hide it, so he used the most violent and cruel way to directly crush it like a bulldozer!
“You want to hit me hard because of you rubbish, it’s just whimsical.” Lin Ziming snorted coldly, and there was no fist to dodge Romer, instead he chose to face him head-on!
With a bang, their fists slammed into each other, and a loud sound of fists to the flesh, which spread throughout the audience, made everyone sound like blood boiled and bloody.
And then, accompanied by a muffled grunt from Romer, his figure violently withdrew. At the same time, his right hand was also red and swollen, and there was a strong wind tearing his sleeves, tearing his sleeves apart. , And finally tore his upper body clothes.
It was Lin Ziming’s boxing power that was too domineering and tough, and he directly shattered his clothes.
However, compared to his meridians, his clothes were not even in trouble, and his meridians were all broken by Lin Ziming’s punch.
His willpower is very firm, even in the face of this kind of severe pain, his expression is painful, he makes a muffled noise, and does not scream sternly.
But everyone knows what kind of pain he is suffering now.
At the same time, I have a clearer understanding of Lin Ziming’s strength!
Romer was backed by Lin Ziming’s punch. His shoes could no longer withstand the strong stamina. They broke open and instantly turned him into a barefoot fairy. This is more than that. When he retreated, because of the powerful With his staying power, his feet stomped heavily on the ground, and he guessed the obvious footprints of the ring made of steel!
This shows how powerful and terrifying Lin Ziming’s punch is!
After letting everyone present saw it, they all uttered the most shocking cry, especially Peng Zhuo and others, all dumbfounded.
“Hi! Instructor Lin’s power is too terrifying!”
“Is this the strength of Half-Step Tongshen Realm?”
“This half a year ago, Instructor Lin was just a master of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm!!”
“Last year, instructor Lin didn’t even step into the innate realm to achieve great perfection. The speed of such progress is simply unheard of!

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