A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1784

“Terror, it’s terrible!”
Many people are dumbfounded, especially for those who know Lin Ziming. Last year, Lin Ziming was just an ordinary master of innate realm, but now, Lin Ziming has grown to this terrifying realm. How can we not shock them.
The effect of force is mutual. Lin Ziming hits such a heavy punch, so he must suffer the corresponding damage, but there is nothing like him, standing there peacefully, at most it is his right-handed clothes. , Was blown apart by Romer’s punch, but only torn the sleeve of his right hand. In addition, his upper body was intact.
Moreover, there is no visible injury on his body, it seems to be such an understatement, as if he had just done a very simple thing.
Then, Lin Ziming shook his hand, as if only patted a fly, and continued to walk towards Romer.
Romer raised his head and saw Lin Ziming’s look. An incredible expression appeared on his face. He was completely suspicious of life and screamed out in a gloomy voice, “Impossible! This is impossible! How could you not have anything at all? Yes, you are not a human, you are not a human!!!”
Romer’s pupils contracted, his face was pale, and his appearance was extremely terrifying and hideous. It seemed that he had seen the most terrible thing in the world, and the whole person’s spirit had a problem.
Lin Ziming did not respond to him, but kept his face calm and continued to attack Romer.
In his mind, what appeared was the face of Xiao Cangmang and the expression before his death.
Originally, Xiao Cangmang had a great life and could continue to burn his own light and heat for the motherland, but because of the beast, Romer, his life was ruined.
He walked up to Romer and said faintly, “Instructor Xiao, I’m here to avenge you.”
When the voice fell, he brazenly shot, and slapped Rommel’s Tianling Gai with a palm.
Romer felt the power of Lin Ziming’s palm, as if the sky had collapsed, and he was about to be wiped out in an instant. It was a despair of breaking the world and the end of the world!
He uttered the last shout, holding his hands on his head, trying to block Lin Ziming’s palm, he used all his strength to stimulate the potential of his whole body at this moment.
Even if a tank fell, he could hold it.
However, he couldn’t hold Lin Ziming’s punch. He only heard a few bangs. His arms couldn’t bear it, and he broke with a bang, and he couldn’t stop Lin Ziming’s palm. Hit his Tianling cover.
There was another bang, the heavenly spirit cover shattered, and the powerful force made Romer’s legs unable to support him. He knelt on the ground with a thump, and then couldn’t bear his knees, and made another bang. Sound, fractured.
This scene is like the end of a movie, frozen in everyone’s eyes, deeply carved in the depths of their minds.
Romer knelt in front of Lin Ziming like this, but he still didn’t stop breathing immediately, leaving his last breath, making him look up with difficulty, wanting to take a look at Lin Ziming, but he couldn’t see it anymore.
At a moment, he died completely, his mind dropped, and he couldn’t die anymore.
Lin Ziming retracted his right hand, stood with his hand, raised his head, looked at the sky, closed his eyes, two lines of tears came down from the corner of his eyes, and muttered, “My fellow citizens, I, Lin Ziming, today is You have revenge, you rest in peace, starting today, I will lead China to the top of the world!”

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