A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1785

The audience fell silent.
There was a little movement, everyone straightened their necks and stared blankly at the tearful man on the ring.
This scene, as if it had been frozen, existed in the minds of all of them forever.
Especially for the Chinese warriors, it is a scene that can never be forgotten. Even if they are old, they will pass on this picture, so that children and grandchildren will remember that in China, it once existed. Such a man.
The dark things in China, a dawn that appeared, led them to the light!
In the spectator stand, many people were also taken aback, staring blankly at Lin Ziming on the ring.
Because they were too far away, although they didn’t even hear what Lin Ziming said, through Lin Ziming’s lips and Lin Ziming’s expression, they all understood what Lin Ziming said.
Knowing that Lin Ziming is cherishing the memory of his compatriots who have passed away, and that Lin Ziming is making promises for them
To be honest, this scene is an eternally fixed scene for all Chinese people.
Especially for many high-level Chinese people, they have been serving China all their lives, and they have given their heads and blood, and they have the deepest feelings for China!
It is them who dedicated their lives to carry China forward.
Therefore, they can feel the emotion of Lin Ziming the most, can empathize with them, and be most moved!
In an instant, Shangguan Wei’an couldn’t help being the first, tears streaming down.
“If you have a son like this, what do you want for the country’s recovery?”
His words were quickly heard by others, and they seriously agreed.
Hua Guo can have a person like Lin Ziming, what is so unsatisfied?
Lin Ziming is the pride of China and the dawn of China!
“Yes, the existence of people like the forest instructor in our country is the pride of our country!”
“Instructor Lin is great!”
“Hahahaha… I finally have such a glorious day in China, so it’s a vain thing!”
“Our country is finally going to be glorious!”
They are very happy. It’s a joy from the heart.
Especially for the people in the third place of Xuanyuan, they are even more ecstatic, and at the same time extremely proud and excited, because Lin Ziming is the person in the third place of Xuanyuan, their pride!
From now on, who would dare to look down upon the three places in Xuanyuan!
Finally, almost ten seconds later, many Chinese people on the scene reacted, and they all began to make the most hysterical and loudest roar, cheers! ! !
“Instructor Lin won! Instructor Lin won!!!”
“Happy, happy!!”
“Come squeeze me and tell me that this is not fake, our country, we finally have one more powerhouse in the spirit realm!! Hahahaha…”
“Instructor Lin is good! Instructor Lin is the hero of our country, and the soul of our country! From now on, I am an instructor Lin’s diehard fan. Whoever dares to disrespect instructor Lin is my enemy!”
“I second!”
“I agree!”
“Go, go up together and celebrate for Instructor Lin!!!”
All of them were ecstatic, the kind of joy that came from the heart, and they swarmed up, and countless Chinese warriors rushed towards Lin Ziming on the ring.

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