A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1787

Tao Sanniang immediately paled a lot when she heard these words, and she bit her lips tightly.
She lowered her head, then smiled bitterly, and said, “I’m sorry, Miss Chu, I am too shameless. I have been seduce Ziming and have something to do with Ziming. In Ziming’s mind, he is still very shameless. love you.”
Having said this, she actually started to sob, and continued: “So, you must not blame him, all this is my fault…”
As a woman, Tao Sanniang knew that Chu Fei definitely didn’t want her husband to be shared by other women. Even if Chu Fei was generous, she couldn’t be so calm!
In fact, she had always thought that one day she would meet with Chu Fei and be despised, insulted and angry by Chu Fei.
She thought she was ready, but when the day really came, she was still in a hurry and was in immense pain.
Yeah, what if she loves Lin Ziming again?
The love between her and Lin Ziming is always invisible. Chu Fei is the decent wife, and she is the underground lover, no matter whether it is legal or moral, she is not supported!
However, once she thought of the days when she could not be with Lin Ziming, then her heart would be split like a split, and she couldn’t breathe in pain.
Originally, she was considered a very strong woman, even in the face of death, she could be able to be fearless in the face of danger, but now, just facing Chu Fei’s lighthearted word, her heart was defeated.
Chu Fei saw her reaction so big, her eyes widened, and immediately she started to panic, and quickly said, “Hey! Sister Tao, why did you cry suddenly?”
Tao Sanniang raised her head, Xuan wept, and took a step back. She was very guilty and looked at Chu Fei nervously, saying: “Miss Chu, I know you despise me and hate me. I don’t want to The woman with the face…but, I really love Ziming, I…”
When it came to this, she almost couldn’t say anything, hiding her face and weeping.
Chu Fei finally understood now that the emotional Tao Sanniang thought she was blaming her, and came to warn her!
She sighed helplessly and said with a wry smile: “Hi, Sister Tao, you have misunderstood what I mean. I really appreciate your taking care of Ziming during that time.”
However, Tao Sanniang still shook her head because she was too guilty and knew that the relationship between herself and Lin Ziming was not visible. Now that Chu Fei found her in front of her as the main palace, she must have come to condemn her.
If she were those shameless women, she would sue the wicked first, but she is not. She only feels sorry for Chu Fei now…
Seeing her like this, Chu Fei squeezed her hand, and said seriously: “Sister Tao, listen to me, I just said the truth, I really appreciate you! Ziming, he took the matter with you You told me everything, and Ziming’s feelings for you are also true.”
When Tao Sanniang heard Chu Fei’s words, she immediately stood there, and suddenly she didn’t understand what Chu Fei meant.
Chu Fei gently wiped her tears away, and continued: “Sister Tao, am I such an unreasonable shrew in your mind?”
Tao Sanniang shook her head quickly, and said, “No, no, no, I definitely don’t mean it, Miss Chu…”
Chu Fei interrupted her and said, “Call me Chu Fei.”
Tao Sanniang and Chu Fei’s eyes met, and she saw the sincerity and gentleness in Chu Fei’s eyes, which made her fluctuating mood slowly calm down.
“Chu Fei, what do you mean…”

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