A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1788

Chu Fei showed a bright smile, blinked, and said, “I’m here this time just to befriend you. Let’s serve Ziming together in the future? Okay?”
Tao Sanniang was stunned when she heard this, and she couldn’t believe it, “Chu Fei, what are you talking about? I can’t hear you clearly.”
She couldn’t believe what Chu Fei said, because it was too subversive and too shocking. As Lin Ziming’s main palace, Chu Fei actually took the initiative to make her a junior? What does it mean?
However, she also knows Chu Fei’s behavior. She knows that Chu Fei is not that kind of mean and unruly woman. For a while, her heart beats quickly, thumping and thumping…
Chu Fei continued with a smile and said, “I mean, you won’t have to hide from you anymore. Let’s stay with Ziming in a fair manner. The three of us will be together forever.”
This sentence was really shocking. After Tao Sanniang heard it a second time, she still found it incredible. How could there be anyone like Chu Fei in this world?
“Chu Fei, are you sure you are joking?” Tao Sanniang swallowed and said.
Chu Fei smiled and said, “Of course there is no, do you think my appearance is like a joke?”
At this moment, Tao Sanniang finally realized that Chu Fei was joking, but to be honest, she couldn’t help biting her lips tightly, her entire face was flushed, and her expression was extremely complicated. .
The tears in the eyes flowed out again.
She hugged Chu Fei abruptly, very moved, and excitedly said, “Thank you, thank you!”
Chu Fei hugged Tao Sanniang, her face also showed a happy smile, her eyes were a little ruddy, and she made a small joke, “We are both big beauties, and Ziming will be the big pervert. From now on. If he dares to bully us, we will teach him together!”
Tao Sanniang felt Chu Fei’s kindness, and she was so touched that she nodded vigorously and said with a smile: “Yes, let’s teach her together.”
The two of them smiled at each other, then held hands, and looked at Lin Ziming, who was still being thrown up by everyone in the ring. They did not conceal their happiness and pride in Lin Ziming.
Only a good man like Lin Ziming can be worthy of them.
The two of them are first-class beauties. They are beautiful and beautiful, and they stand together now, and they have become a beautiful scenery.
It just so happened that Lin Ziming looked over at this moment and saw them standing together. She was taken aback for a moment, and then she became nervous. Then, he and Chu Fei looked at each other and finally relaxed.
Next, Lin Ziming was put down, facing the worship and eagerness of countless people, he clenched his fists, waved upwards, and said loudly, “I did it, but everyone was disappointed.”
“Instructor Lin!”
“Instructor Lin!!”
“Hurray! Hurray!!!”
Under such crowds and waves, Lin Ziming stepped out of the ring, and then, under the announcement of the host, he won the championship of this Kung Fu Cup, won the trophy, and at the same time, got the place to the secret realm. .
He did not relax because of this, because he knew that it would be a bigger test to lead the secret realm by then!

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