A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1789

The level of blood in this Kung Fu Cup can be said to be unprecedented.
Especially in the final championship game, Lin Ziming beat his opponent to death with one gram of seven, directly in a crushing posture, and won the championship strongly. This kind of thing is something that has never been thought of.
In the previous Kung Fu Cup, even if the champion was decided, it would still appear to be very fierce. The champion was scarred, and even if he won the championship, it was definitely not much better.
But like Lin Ziming, he won the championship unscathed and crushed with great strength, leaving a big impression on the warriors all over the world.
Moreover, the previous Kung Fu Cup champions were more or less controversial, but like Lin Ziming today, it can be said that there is no controversy at all.
Because he is the last person, he is also known as the strongest champion since the previous Kung Fu Cup. There is no controversy!
When he changed into a new suit, a military uniform from China, and reappeared at the Kung Fu Cup scene, there was another wave of waves.
I have to admit that this kind of Lin Ziming is so handsome, it is simply a model for the protagonist.
Many foreign martial artists, although they hate Lin Ziming very much, and even hate Lin Ziming deeply, but they also have to admit that Lin Ziming is really strong, and they admire Lin Ziming deeply.
Just like this, Lin Ziming stepped onto the podium step by step under everyone’s attention.
Whampoa, the god of China, personally presented him with awards.
Whampoa Dao didn’t know when it appeared. He obviously didn’t appear in the entire Kung Fu Cup, but now he suddenly appeared.
He looked at Lin Ziming with encouragement, pride, and kindness, patted Lin Ziming on the shoulder, and said admiringly: “Instructor Lin, you did it, very, very good, I really don’t have a wrong person!”
Lin Ziming stopped and immediately saluted the army on Huangpu Road, and said solemnly: “They are all cultivated by the country!”
“Good, good.” Huangpu Road was very happy and said with a smile: “In the future, it will be the world of you young people. Come on, the future of China will be in your hands.”
This is a very heavy statement. If he changed the previous one, Lin Ziming would refuse, because his natural character is more chic and casual, and he does his own way.
But now, after experiencing this Kung Fu Cup, his definition of the country and his sense of responsibility are different.
As the saying goes, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. He can appreciate this very well. Therefore, facing the expectations of Whampoa Road, he does not refuse to resign as before, but nodded vigorously, accepted it, and Very solemnly and solemnly said: “Please rest assured, the military god, Ziming will definitely not disappoint you!”
“Okay! Very good!” Huangpudao laughed, “Your mental consciousness is very good! Come, next, I will give you awards by myself.”
Lin Ziming nodded.
In Huangpudao’s hands, I don’t know when, a trophy appeared, and the dragon and the phoenix looked extraordinary.
Moreover, this trophy has an unspeakable meaning, and you can see that it was made by a master at a glance, and it is worth a thousand dollars.
Huangpudao showed a look at Lin Ziming, and asked him to throw it upwards forcefully.
Those present who had not participated in the Kung Fu Cup or watched the awards scene all exclaimed, wondering, isn’t this going to be awarded to Lin Ziming? Why the military god his old man threw away all the trophies and threw them so fast, what does this mean?
And Lin Ziming was not surprised, he knew it was this kind of formula.
His figure jumped out like an arrow in an instant, soaring into the sky, and caught the Kung Fu Cup trophy in threes or twos, and then his body stayed on a long benchmark in the Kung Fu Cup scene. The feet stood there, at exactly this moment, a ray of sunlight from the east shone on him.
Let his image be infinitely magnified, and to everyone on the scene, he is now like a god of war…
Therefore, many Chinese martial artists couldn’t help shouting, “God of War!”

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