A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1792

The only difference is that this woman’s temperament is very charming and sexy, and she always feels like a bite.
“Who are you?” Lin Ziming immediately regained his composure and asked faintly. At the same time, his eyes were sharp, staring at each other closely, as if he could see through all his secrets.
Because Lin Ziming’s current appearance is too fierce, like a golden eye, all monsters and ghosts can’t escape his eyes.
After the other party came into contact with Lin Ziming’s eyes, he immediately panicked, subconsciously trying to avoid Lin Ziming’s sight.
But soon, in less than a second, she regained her composure. Instead, her eyes became red, and there was a cloud of mist. She was about to cry at any time, and the expression on her face was full of grievances, “Instructor Lin, You are so fierce to others, they are afraid…”
I have to say that this woman’s acting skills are superb, especially her means of seduce men, which can be said to be the pinnacle. Lin Ziming has never seen such a powerful woman.
If he hadn’t been strong enough just now, then he had already been recruited just now.
But now, he has come back to his senses, and naturally he won’t hit the opponent’s way.
“Say!” Lin Ziming’s eyes opened again, and the aura of the whole person had once again undergone tremendous changes. To this woman, it was like a big mountain, pressing on her body, making her whole person to bear it. Unstoppable, the body was shaking desperately, struggling to support it.
She raised her head, her eyes were no longer as weak as she was just now, but she was surprised and panicked.
Lin Ziming took a step forward, and she couldn’t bear it anymore, her body trembling fiercely.
“My patience is not good.” Lin Ziming said coldly.
The gaze was scratching the opponent’s body like a knife, and the opponent finally couldn’t bear it.
She couldn’t pretend, she burst out laughing, and applauded: “Awesome, really worthy of instructor Lin! The tenacity of willpower is the ultimate among men.”
Lin Ziming still stared at her coldly, and didn’t mean to let her go. Moreover, he took a step forward, and the momentum of the monstrous ocean wave pressed down on the other party, which made the other party finally unable to bear it. Butt sat down.
The embarrassing thing is that because she was wearing a skirt, she sat down and immediately disappeared. Lin Ziming saw this scene. He was originally terrifying. At this time, there was also a fault, which made the other party breathe a sigh of relief. .
Lin Ziming looked away, and murderous intent appeared in his eyes.
After so many things, Lin Ziming is no longer an indecisive person. This woman, when she came up to him, showed charm to him, which caused him to make a mistake. He would definitely not let this woman off easily. .
At this time, the woman finally felt Lin Ziming’s murderous intent. She didn’t dare to act anymore, and quickly shook her head and waved her hand and said, “Instructor Lin, please calm down! I was joking with you just now! No other meaning!”
Lin Ziming stared at her condescendingly, without a trace of joke in his eyes, and said in a very cold and majestic tone: “I will give you one last chance and tell me who you are.”
After Lin Ziming’s words fell, the woman immediately felt that the surrounding air was freezing, and her thinking became stiff!
She knew that Lin Ziming was very strong, but Lin Ziming was so strong that it was beyond her expectation. She didn’t dare to have a chance again, and quickly said, “My name is Liu Qingcheng! I am a disciple of the Nuwa Sect! I am not hostile to you!”
Lin Ziming was stunned when he heard these words, Nuwazong?
What is this thing, why has he never heard of it?

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