A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1794

And Lin Ziming has never seen this woman, and has never heard of this woman’s reputation, so it shows that this woman is very likely not a Chinese, although she looks like a Chinese. He also speaks fluent Mandarin.
However, it does not mean that the other party is not an enemy spy!
“Still a master, it will keep you even more terrible.” Lin Ziming sneered and shot again.
This time he no longer had a chance to give Liu Qingcheng a chance to dodge, but with 30% of his skill, he had already caught Liu Qingcheng.
Although Liu Qingcheng tried his best to dodge, she couldn’t dodge Lin Ziming’s capture at all. In an instant, she felt that she was the monkey grandson and could not escape Lin Ziming’s Buddha palm.
Lin Ziming easily grabbed her and pressed acupuncture points on her body. Immediately, her struggling body softened and fell into Lin Ziming’s arms, “Instructor Lin, I…”
Lin Ziming hugged her like this, because he was about to hand over Liu Qingcheng out, but at exactly this moment, a graceful figure walked out from the door and saw this scene…
And at that angle, Lin Ziming and Liu Qingcheng are very close and affectionate.
“Lin Ziming! What are you doing?!”
Immediately, there was an angry voice.
Lin Ziming was stunned for a moment when he heard this voice, and then he immediately looked over, and saw Shangguan Shuyao’s face with vertical eyebrows, looking at him angrily, that look was clearly the look in the eye.
This made Lin Ziming suddenly wonder how he met Shangguan Shuyao here again.
Fortunately, it wasn’t Chu Fei or Tao Sanniang who came up here, otherwise the misunderstanding would be serious.
Lin Ziming straightened Liu Qingcheng and said to Shangguan Shuyao: “You happened to be here. Call Chief Peng and General Qin over. I have something to look for them.”
However, Shangguan Shuyao didn’t listen to him at all. Instead, with a cold face, gritted her teeth, came over in a very angry, very angry look, staring at Lin Ziming and cursing: “You lecherous fellow! This is just a blink of an eye. You’ve gotten mixed up with other women!!!”
Lin Ziming smiled bitterly, “What are you talking about? This is a spy.”
Shangguan Shuyao was taken aback for a moment and looked at Liu Qingcheng, who was righted by Lin Ziming. He saw Liu Qingcheng guilty of peach blossoms. She looked like dripping water. She was too sexy, especially her eyes were about to drip out of her body. Wearing it is extremely sexy and hot.
Is this really a spy?
“Is this really a spy?” Shangguan Shuyao asked a little puzzled.
Lin Ziming rolled his eyes and said, “Otherwise what do you think?”
When Shangguan Shuyao was obviously relieved, but at this moment, Liu Qingcheng’s eyes rolled, her brain reacted quickly, and she immediately realized that this was an opportunity, and she looked panicked. Yes, yes, I am a spy, and Ziming…no, and instructor Lin is not the kind of relationship you imagine!”
After saying this, Liu Qingcheng also gave Lin Ziming a look, and this look happened to be caught by Shangguan Shuyao.
Immediately, Shangguan Shuyao became angry and cursed, “Scumbag!”

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