A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1798

With his logical thinking for so many years, how can he not understand why he hasn’t seen the martial art after all these years?
Especially after he became famous…
Suddenly, he thought of something, and suddenly his brain exploded.
He remembered that a few years ago, he suddenly became a vegetative grandfather, and his brain died directly later, but a while ago, he saw his grandfather again. Moreover, grandfather was not the ordinary image in the impression, but changed. Become an extremely strong man in the realm of the gods!
Tongshen realm, what concept is that, it can be a superb existence that can be proud of the world.
He is such a genius, and he also got such an opportunity, but now he is only half-step through the divine realm.
Looking at the entire country of China, how many people can really reach the realm of God? There are only two, besides the military god Huangpu Road, it is the saint king of Luo Tian organization.
Speaking of the Saint King and the Luo Tian organization, he also suddenly thought, could the Luo Tian organization be one of the four sects?
However, since Luo Tian organization is one of the four major sects, why didn’t his mother tell him the concept of the four major sects?
Not only the mother, but also the clowns and neon clothes, they have never mentioned this to him.
The concept of martial art was also something that suddenly appeared when he saw Liu Qingcheng tonight.
As an adult’s rationality, Lin Ziming didn’t believe this statement very much. It was as absurd as someone told him that there were ghosts in this world.
And Peng Zhuo seemed to see his doubts, smiled and said, “Instructor Lin, I know it was a bit subversive for you for a while. However, you are now a hero of China, a high-ranking member of China. People are still far away from you.”
Lin Ziming was silent for a while. He looked at Peng Zhuo closely, trying to distinguish the truth from Peng Zhuo’s words. He had no trace of Peng Zhuo’s lying, and said, “How strong are the four major sects?”
Peng Zhuo solemnly said, “Very strong, very strong!”
“Better than the country?”
Peng Zhuo smiled bitterly, and said: “Which country is compared with, if it is compared with a beautiful country, such a behemoth, it is still a bit worse.”
Hearing this sentence, Lin Ziming also learned an important piece of information, that is, the four major sects are very strong. Except for the superpowers such as the beautiful country, other countries with a lower level of strength are not better than the four sects. .
This is really a shocking message.
But soon, Lin Ziming found another logical loophole. He said: “Since the four gates are so strong, why didn’t they establish their own country?”
Yes, the four major sects are powerful, so it wouldn’t be enough to directly become a country.
Peng Zhuo chuckled and said, “Instructor Lin, you are still stuck in a fixed mindset. For people of the sect, they are not interested in the form of the country, otherwise there would be no sect as a form of existence.”

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