A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1800

Peng Zhuo quickly discovered his thoughts and said with a smile: “Instructor Lin, have you been hit this time?”
Lin Ziming smiled and said, “I don’t think it’s a blow. I just feel that I’m still arrogant.
Peng Zhuo laughed, and then said: “Instructor Lin, you are not arrogant. Your talent is already very impressive. Even among the four sects, there are few people who can be better than you. less.”
Very few and few… Lin Ziming heard the true meaning of this sentence at once, indicating that there are still people who are more powerful than him!
This really surprised Lin Ziming a bit. Could it be that there are people in this world who are making progress faster than him?
He has a good relationship with Peng Zhuo, there is no hiding, and he asked directly, “Oh? It seems that there are people with higher talents than me. I don’t know how many?”
Peng Zhuo narrowed his smile, his eyes looked out the door, his pupils contracted a little, and his face became more solemn, as if thinking of some horrible existence, he took a deep breath and said, “I know, there are three!”
When Lin Ziming heard this number, his brows couldn’t help but beat twice. At first, he thought that there would be one or two at most. He didn’t expect that there would be three. By comparison, he wouldn’t be too bad.
After a pause, Peng Zhuo said again: “These three people are Xiaoyao King from the Eastern School, Bu Jingyun from the Western School, and Shakya Sunni from the Northern School. Before they were thirty years old, they had entered the God-Throughout. Realm, it can be said to be a stunning genius, a rare genius in a thousand years!!! Among them, the Eastern Sect Xiaoyao King is headed, he entered the God-Through the God Realm at the age of 27, known as the first genius under the sky, He has experienced no fewer than a thousand battles in his life, and he is not defeated.”
After Lin Ziming heard these words, he was also stunned. He entered the realm of the gods at the age of twenty-seven. What is this concept?
He originally thought that he was twenty-nine years old, and he had stepped into the realm of half-steps, which was already quite remarkable. Now he is still much worse than the Eastern Sect Xiaoyao King.
Don’t look at him now half-step through the God Realm, but it will take a while to break through to the real God Realm.
For a time, Lin Ziming felt a lot of loss in his heart.
It was indeed hit.
Peng Zhuo patted him on the shoulder and said, “Instructor Lin, you don’t have to be arrogant. You are still young and have unlimited prospects and possibilities. Besides, those three geniuses are geniuses among geniuses. It has been cultivated by the sect and has countless resources, which are different.”
Lin Ziming remained silent. After a while, he asked, “Does the Luo Tian faction have such a genius?”
Peng Zhuo said: “There is no such thing. This is also the reason for the decline of the Luotian School. Now the Luotian School is in a state of failure. The original Southern Territory King Thunder was also a great genius, and he hopes to step into the realm of God. It’s a pity to be beaten to death by you.”
Lin Ziming was somewhat embarrassed when he heard this. Indeed, Thunder was beaten to death by him, and he was still taking the place of Thunder.
Suddenly, when he heard this, Lin Ziming began to understand why it was clear that he had killed Thunder and committed evil deeds. The Saint King Luo Tian didn’t kill him, but promoted him to be the King of the Southern Territories. It was Luo Tian. Send a genius.
No matter which industry or era, talents are the most important.
Then, after chatting with Peng Zhuo for a while, Lin Ziming had understood everything that should be understood. He had a strong hunch that he would definitely meet the four major sects in the near future.

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