A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1801

He knew that this was not just a hunch, but that he would definitely meet.
Because this world is just that big, and he is also a genius with amazing talents, it will be a matter of time before he enters the realm of the gods.
And he is on the side of the country, and he will definitely meet these three other geniuses at that time.
In fact, this is even more interesting.
Originally, he thought that he was almost standing on the top of the world, and lost interest for a while. Now it seems that there are people outside the world, there are outsiders, and this has aroused his challenge even more!
He was not a person willing to be ordinary, he likes challenges and adventures in his bones, and now three geniuses who are more powerful than him have come out, which is good news for him!
Therefore, his loss did not last for a long time, and it immediately turned into excitement and passion. This change of his was caught by Peng Zhuo very quickly.
It also made Peng Zhuo a little surprised, originally he thought that Lin Ziming would be hit, and he was decadent for a while.
After all, Lin Ziming had just won the Kung Fu Cup championship, thinking that he had reached the pinnacle of the world, and as a result, three people more powerful than him came out immediately, and everyone would be hit.
But Lin Ziming quickly came out. Lin Ziming’s psychological endurance had to be admired by Peng Zhuo. At the same time, he also understood better why Lin Ziming was able to achieve what he has achieved today.
This is a person who is born to fight.
Because tonight’s banquet, the theme is still for Lin Ziming to celebrate, Lin Ziming is the protagonist, he can’t disappear for too long, he will reappear soon, accept everyone’s worship and congratulations.
After the banquet was over, Lin Ziming went home with Chu Fei and Tao Sanniang. Regarding the tolerance of the two of them, Lin Ziming was really fortunate and thought he was the happiest person in the world.
Therefore, when he was excited, he also proposed to sleep together. The result was quickly rejected by their two daughters, and he pinched Lin Ziming severely and cursed a pervert, even though they accepted it. The other party, Lin Ziming was cheaper. But they still feel too ashamed of the idea of ​​sleeping together, and they can’t accept it at all.
Lin Ziming was pinched by them and immediately begged for mercy. He also knew that this kind of thinking was impossible. Tao Sanniang’s personality was relatively open or could be persuaded, but for Chu Fei, that would be too shameful. Up!
However, this also planted a seed in Lin Ziming’s heart. After all, both Chu Fei and Tao Sanniang are big beauties. If they can really sleep together, it will feel… ..
Just think about it and drool.
After returning home, Lin Ziming took a shower to wash away all the smell from his body.
He originally wanted to sleep with Chu Fei, but Chu Fei decisively drove him away. The reason was that Chu Fei was going to sleep with Tao Sanniang tonight. They were very close and looked like sisters. , All kinds of close people who don’t know, think they are lovers.
There was no way, Lin Ziming had to go back to his room to sleep in a depressed mood.
After returning to his room, Lin Ziming couldn’t sleep for a while.
Too much has happened these days.
He had been on the road before, and he still didn’t feel too much, but now he finally calmed down, he still has to give himself some time to digest.
Taking a deep breath, instead of going to bed, he meditated on the floor and meditated.
He is now half-step through the Divine Realm, both physically and mentally, he is much stronger than before, and it can be said that he has ushered in a transformation.
He is now leaving the god-passing realm, and there is only one last step left, like a layer of paper blocking him, and he can successfully break through to the god-passing realm with a light poke.

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