A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1803

Of course, the subtlety of the God-Communication Realm is far more than that.
This is just one aspect of it. If you get to the real world, there will still be more magical powers and wonders.
Even Lin Ziming suspected that it is not always necessary to be able to fetch objects from the air, or in the dark, ingest the cosmic electric waves, and understand all kinds of subtleties in the true spirit-community realm.
Otherwise, the God-passing realm is only an advancement in martial arts, so the power of the God-passing realm cannot have such a high status in this world!
The most obvious one, if the God-passing Realm is only an achievement in martial arts, then it is even more unlikely that there will be a sect in the form of existence.
Now is the 21st century, not the previous feudal society, and various high-tech developments.
If the power of the God-level realm does not have other pursuits, it is impossible to not be nostalgic for the power of the world!
Because Lin Ziming listened to Peng Zhuo’s explanation, the biggest difference between a sect and a country is that the suzerain of the sect, the control of power is far less than that of a country. Moreover, since the sect has such a strong strength, they have no need to hide and develop silently.
Wouldn’t it be more fragrant to set up a kingdom directly in the world and become a master?
However, Lin Ziming is also more curious about the martial art, because he knows that there must be many strong men in the martial art!
Especially, what kind of thinking are they and what are they pursuing?
This is what attracted Lin Ziming the most.
In fact, Lin Ziming is not only a master of martial arts, he is also a scientist of psychology and group systematics, he even published papers anonymously in the world, but he didn’t even talk to people around him.
Because as his realm deepens, he feels that a truly strong man needs to dabble in more scenes. This is also a relief of interest.
It can be said that any strong person who has reached the innate realm is not a reckless man, and his brain is very developed.
Especially when it comes to the high stage of the Innate Realm, it is more intelligent, and most of the masters have academic research.
As far as Zhao Xia, Sun Liang and others are concerned, don’t think they are agents of Xuanyuan 3rd place, but in fact, they also do academic research.
I think Zhao Xia’s physics is very good, and Sun Liang’s biology is no worse than some professors in universities.
As for Lin Ziming, his academic achievements are even higher. It is no exaggeration to say that as long as he wants to learn a field, he can learn it quickly and become proficient.
He can vaguely feel that these hidden schools are not interested in earthly power. The main reason is their pursuit of the limits of the human body, human life, realm, and spiritual level.
It is very possible that after the God Realm, you will see the world more clearly and understand better, so that you can get rid of low-level tastes and pursue higher-level things in your life.
Of course, this is just his guess, and within the quasi-sect, what secrets he doesn’t know!
During his meditation, he quickly abandoned these distracting thoughts, and quickly focused his mind and began to accurately repair the wounds in his body. Although it is very subtle, the embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed by the ant’s nest. , He had to be careful.
So he now knows that a master at the realm of God like Huangpu Dao must have a perfect body without any scars.

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