A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1805

These students in the classroom, after hearing Whampoa Road, all began to discuss, and began to express their understanding of life.
Lin Ziming felt this atmosphere of academic discussion in the classroom, and he had a different feeling.
He said that he didn’t go to school well, and after elementary school, he studied on his own.
Now, after many years, I am back in the classroom, and I still feel a different kind of feeling.
And those around him are young and beautiful college students, just like the rising sun, they still have infinite vision and energy for society and life.
Their understanding of the world and life is still in its infancy.
Their thoughts are simple, the three outlooks are correct, and they are quite good.
Those who have been in contact with Lin Ziming over the years are not the same.
Lin Ziming suddenly understood why Huangpu Dao would arrange to meet him here, because this method is too special, and I have to say that it is also very suitable for him.
“How about it, do you have any insights? You can express it.”
Huangpudao said with a smile, encouraging the students to express their opinions.
Although his eyes didn’t look at Lin Ziming deliberately, Lin Ziming knew very well that Huang Pudao was talking to him, asking him for his opinion.
In fact, Lin Ziming already knew what he wanted after Huangpudao published the book “What is Life”.
That is, the life form will undergo a relatively large change after the psychic realm.
Otherwise, Whampoa will not throw out this book and lecture on this topic.
Lin Ziming suddenly became very interested in the next class.
Soon, some students started to stand up and express their opinions.
“Professor, I think life is made up of countless cells, and this is the most wonderful thing in the world!”
“Professor, I think life is consciousness, because after you have consciousness, there is life. Like tables, fans, windows, and soil, there is no consciousness, so there is no life.”
“Professor, I think life is the most wonderful thing in this world”
Many people are beginning to talk about their views on life.
They are all textbook students, and they have many perspectives on their understanding of life.
From the perspective of physics, some students believe that life is actually a product of a quantum entangled state.
Some people think that life is a natural development inevitability, and all the lives currently known are carbon-based life.
Some people even believe that life is actually something created by a higher level of civilization.
and so on
Lin Ziming listened to the opinions of these students, although most of them were very vague, but their perspectives really gave Lin Ziming a new understanding.
In particular, one student mentioned that life is the production of consciousness, and the production of consciousness is very likely due to the product of quantum entanglement in the microscopic world. When the quantum continues to collapse, consciousness will be born, which is the life. origin.
After all, life represents a living thing, which means uncertainty, and quantum entanglement means uncertainty.
Huangpudao nodded and said with a smile: “Yes, not bad, you guys are all right.”
Soon students asked Huangpu Road, “Professor, what do you think life is?”
Everyone’s eyes were on Huangpu Dao, wanting to hear how he answered, including Lin Ziming, he also stared at Huangpu Dao, wanting to know Huangpu Dao’s understanding of life.

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