A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1807

Lin Ziming really stopped asking this question, and he didn’t know how to answer it for a while.
His silence surprised all the students in the class. They all thought that Lin Ziming would answer without hesitation that life would die, because this is a simple and common-sense question.
Isn’t it? People will die and life will end. Isn’t this something everyone knows?
If life will not be ended, then the earth has developed into the present, billions of years, and has long collapsed.
After a long silence, Lin Ziming gave a wry smile, shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”
Hearing this answer, Huangpudao’s eyes flashed with appreciation.
Yes, this answer sounds ridiculous to anyone. Even a first-grade kid would not answer this. But Lin Ziming, as a person with a half-step mastery of the gods and so knowledgeable, is the answer. Does not come up.
“What’s the situation? I don’t know? It’s funny.”
“Yeah, isn’t this a sub-question? Life will definitely die. There is nothing eternal in this world. If life will not die, then what is the world like now?”
“Who is this guy? Isn’t it just to be funny?”
“Yes, Professor Huangpu, why would you ask him such a mentally retarded question?”
For a while, many students questioned Lin Ziming, thinking that Lin Ziming was a fool. Although Lin Ziming said just now, it did not hinder him. Lin Ziming was a fool, and he couldn’t answer even such a simple question.
Whampoa Road on the podium knocked on the table lightly, and immediately they all calmed down and listened to Huangpu Road asking Lin Ziming, “Why don’t you understand?”
Lin Ziming knew that Huangpu Dao was teaching him karma to solve his puzzles.
“Mr. Huangpu, I don’t understand, besides the body and the soul, does life have other forms, or is there really a soul? If so, what is a soul? If ** After disappearing, where does the soul go?” Lin Ziming asked this question solemnly. This is also the one that has puzzled him most recently.
He has been trying and exploring, what is the soul and consciousness?
When the other students heard Lin Ziming’s doubts, many of them thought that Lin Ziming was a magic stick, and he had become metaphysical.
Of course, Lin Ziming wouldn’t care about the opinions of these people. He only wanted to get the answer from Huangpu Dao. I believe he knew the cultivation base of Huangpu Dao through the Divine Realm.
Huangpudao thought for a while, then smiled and said, “This student, you asked this question very well. First of all, for life, there is indeed a soul.”
Next, Huangpudao talked about it and began to explain the meaning of the soul. In his exposition, the soul is a form of wisdom of life.
After Lin Ziming listened, he suddenly realized a lot.
Then he asked again, “Mr. Huangpu, do you think life will die?”
Huangpudao smiled and said: “Yes, and it won’t. This depends on the situation.”
“Oh? I don’t know what the situation is?” Lin Ziming’s eyes lit up and asked with interest. In fact, he vaguely knew something about Huangpu Road’s answer.

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