A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1808

But for these students in the class, they were confused and didn’t understand what they were talking about. Why would Professor Huangpu say such an opinion on such a simple question?
Isn’t life going to die? This is a certain thing, just as the sun must rise from the east every day, and the water flows down. It is the same forever.
However, they knew that Professor Huangpu was very knowledgeable, and since Professor Huangpu’s answer was like this, it was definitely not nonsense.
Unknowingly, they all felt that this class was special, and it was different from the previous class. In vaguely, it seemed that a brand new door had been opened.
Huangpu Road went on to say: “Life is divided into other forms. For some higher-level beings, the physical body is just a container. Even if the physical body is damaged, his soul and consciousness can survive intact. Once life arrives. In this form, then, in a sense, life will not die.”
Hearing this answer, Lin Ziming fell into deep thought. In fact, he probably already knew the answer, but when he heard it with his own ears, he was still surprised and shocked!
He knew that what Huangpu Dao was talking about was the realm above the psychic realm. Starting from the psychic realm, the form of life has actually begun to change.
For other students, they are even more confused. They can’t understand or understand at all. What kind of ghost is this? There is a second form of life? What kind of form is it? This is completely bullshit.
Is it possible that an adult can still be out of his mind?
Is this science or theology?
So they all thought that Professor Huangpu must be making a joke to them.
After being silent for a long time, Lin Ziming said again: “Then, I would like to ask the professor, after reaching this form, is the life form still the same life form before?”
For many students, Lin Ziming’s question is also very illusory and completely incomprehensible, but for Huangpu Dao, he understood it all at once, smiled and said, “It depends on how you define it. If you use the life form to define it, it is indeed not the same life body as before, but if you use the soul and consciousness to define it, it is still changeable.”
Lin Ziming understood that when it came to the second form of life, it was actually a human being. From what angle to understand it.
Next, Lin Ziming continued to ask some more advanced questions. As for those discussed by Lin Ziming and Huangpu Road, the students in the class could understand a little bit more, so now, they don’t understand at all. Now, it feels like they are talking about heavenly books.
But what they discussed was very serious and well-founded, which made them have to doubt life. Is this the world they are familiar with?
The matter of the two classes passed quickly in the discussion between Lin Ziming and Huangpu Road.
Lin Ziming didn’t know enough until the bell rang after class. He came to Whampoa Road today and it was a huge harvest!
Solved the confusion he had troubled for a long time, and had a deeper understanding of life, martial arts, the world, and even the universe!
Lin Ziming knew that this was a reward for his Kung Fu Cup champion, and a super power at the level of Whampoa Road personally answered him.
He stood up, bowed deeply to the Whampoa Road on the podium, and said, “Mr. Whampoa, thank you!”
His gratitude to Whampoa Road is from the heart.
Huangpudao smiled, said something you are welcome, and then walked out of the classroom.
Lin Ziming was also preparing to leave. At this moment, in front of him, there was another girl with a ponytail, who looked very pure and beautiful, and stopped him.

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