A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1809

“Something wrong?”
Lin Ziming smiled faintly.
The ponytail girl in front of her looks very beautiful and very young. She is only about twenty years old. She has a heroic spirit between her eyebrows and is particularly attractive.
Her eyes were also very brilliant, looking at Lin Ziming, her eyelashes flicked, as if she could speak.
Moreover, her every move affects the attention of all the boys in the class. Lin Ziming can tell at a glance that this is the most beautiful one in the class.
The other party didn’t speak immediately, but looked at Lin Ziming with curious eyes.
It seemed that Lin Ziming was something weird.
Lin Ziming frowned slightly. For such a college student, he had no interest at all, so he bypassed her and left.
His movements made the girl stunned for a while, apparently she didn’t expect that Lin Ziming would ignore her when looking at an ordinary man like this. You know, she is a class flower, and not only a class flower, but also a class flower. , So many boys tried their best to get close to her and talk to her.
The guy in front of him who looks shameless, dare to ignore her?
“You don’t seem to be a student in our class, right?”
At this time, the female student spoke, and what she said was very pleasant to the ear, and Mandarin was also very standard, the voice of the anchor.
Lin Ziming nodded and said, “No.”
The other boys, seeing Banhua taking the initiative to speak to Lin Ziming, all looked at Lin Ziming with hostile eyes, as if Lin Ziming had become their rival in love.
Lin Ziming is really speechless for the boredom of these college students, but he also understands what these college students usually do in school, and at their age, they are affectionate.
After Lin Ziming came to this university, he had already got what he wanted, so he had no plans to stay.
Seeing that Lin Ziming still had to leave, this class was a little angry, she thought Lin Ziming was ignoring her!
She stopped Lin Ziming again, but Lin Ziming ignored her and left the classroom.
Seeing Lin Ziming’s departure, Ban Hua was stunned. She obviously didn’t expect Lin Ziming to give her face so much. Since she went to university, how long has it been for a man to ignore her?
Immediately two girls walked up and asked strangely: “Who is this guy? I haven’t seen it before. It doesn’t seem to be our department.”
Another girl also said: “It’s definitely not in our department. I’ve never seen such a person before. And he doesn’t look like a college student. He seems to be older than us, so he shouldn’t be an off-campus student. Right?”
“It’s also possible, I must have come to fish, catch our class flower, hehe.”
The two girls immediately joked.

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