A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 181

He was almost trembling, stroking the gift box, “Well, what a shame, such a valuable antique…”
“Hey, I don’t like to hear what Uncle said. Based on my relationship with Feifei, you are my second father. I gave my father tens of millions of antiques. Isn’t this something that should be done?” Situ Nan pretended Said displeasedly.
However, when Chu Huaxiong heard this, his expression became even more excited, and his lips were trembling, “Go up, go up, tens of millions…”
Liu Suhong’s eyes were also full-round, her face flushed, her eyes glowing green, and her mouth kept saying, “Wow, tens of millions, tens of millions! I’m rich, I’m really rich!”
Chu Fei’s body trembled slightly, and she bit her lips harder.
Ten million is a very large number for their family. You know, some time ago, the entire Chu family was able to dedicate her to Wang Shougui for twenty million! Now Situ Nan directly gave their family tens of millions of antiques! Moreover, such things as antiques are very popular, and the longer they are left, they are also valuable, and they can easily be sold out.
Seeing the truth in adversity, Chu Fei needs money very much now, so she is even more moved and moved by Situ Nan’s gift.
Lin Ziming’s frowned brows are now loosened. He still had some doubts just now whether Situ Nan would really get nervous and gave Chu Huaxiong the blue and white porcelain from the early Ming Dynasty. But now, he has dispelled this doubt. With Situ Nan’s character, he will definitely not give gifts worth tens of millions, just for picking up girls!
First of all, Situ Nan was married, and his wife’s family background was not shallow. He did not believe that Situ Nan would really marry Chu Fei. Since it is impossible to marry Chu Fei, it is even more unlikely that he would be willing to spend so much money. the cost of.
This is interesting.
Liu Suhong gave Chu Huaxiong a push, “What are you doing in a daze? It’s rare that Anan was so deliberate and gave you such an expensive gift. You can quickly open it and take a look!”
Chu Huaxiong is still a bit of ethics. He knows the relationship between Chu Fei and Situ Nan. He can’t accept such an expensive gift. Besides, Lin Ziming is still here.
“This is a bit wrong, right?” Chu Huaxiong said softly.
Chu Fei also reacted, and she also said, “Dad is right, we can’t accept such an expensive gift, Brother Situ, you should take it back.”
Situ Nan frowned. He wasn’t happy. He spent tens of thousands of dollars in his friends to buy this high-level fake, just to please Chu Fei’s family. By the way, he slapped Lin Ziming’s face severely. If they don’t accept it. , Then how does he pretend to be forced?
“Feifei! I don’t like to hear what you said. What is it that you can’t receive such an expensive gift? It’s a mere tens of millions. Compared with the friendship between me and you, it is not worth mentioning!” Situ Nan sternly Said: “Uncle, if you still treat me as your own person, just accept this blue and white porcelain, otherwise, I would rather smash it!”
With that said, he really lifted the box up, smashing it!
His action shocked Chu Fei’s family, especially Liu Suhong. She was about to rush to hug Situ Nan, kidding, tens of millions of antiques, it would not kill her if she smashed it.
Chu Fei’s eyes were a little red, and she looked at Situ Nan deeply. She felt that Situ Nan was really kind to her, even better than four years ago!
In comparison, Lin Ziming is really too much worse…

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