A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1810

Two other boys came up and asked, “Qianyu, who is this guy, is your friend?”
When the boy said this, he looked calm, but he was actually a little nervous.
“It looks very arrogant, I dare to come to our class for class, it’s too much.”
Although in universities, college students have the freedom to choose their own courses, in general, very few people do this, and Lin Ziming does not say hello to get back in. After class, he walks without saying hello, which seems a little bit Doesn’t respect people much anymore.
Li Qianyu frowned slightly and said, “He is not my friend.”
The boys were inexplicably relieved when they heard Li Qianyu say this. Although they all knew what was possible between themselves and Li Qianyu, Li Qianyu had a very high vision and would not like them, but if he saw his goddess with his own eyes, It’s also a torture to give arms to other men.
Li Qianyu snorted, she didn’t think too much, after all, to her, Lin Ziming was just a stranger. She didn’t want the brain-disabled heroines in idol dramas, and saw a boy ignore her. On the contrary, a rebellious mentality has arisen.
So she quickly forgot about Lin Ziming, and after two more classes, at noon, she and a few classmates went to the dining room for dinner.
As soon as she arrived in the dining hall, she frowned immediately.
Because she saw more than a dozen people appear in front of her, one of them, dressed up with a greasy face, always had a wild and evil smile on her face, which made people want to beat someone when she saw it. She was in a mood. It’s not good.
“Look, it’s Du Shaoye, Qianyu, your number one suitor.”
There was a girl next to her. After seeing it, she immediately became a little joke.
In fact, this Shao Du is also very handsome and in good shape. There is a group of horses around him. It can be said that it is very cool. For girls, it is very lethal.
However, Li Qianyu didn’t like this kind of second generation ancestor, especially since she knew some of the second generation ancestor’s comments, and she even disgusted it.
She frowned, turned and left, and said, “Unlucky, I actually met this guy, let’s go out to eat.”
Just when she was about to leave, Shao Du saw her, her eyes lit up, and she said loudly, “Qianyu, my goddess, you are here, it’s a coincidence, a coincidence, I’m right. I am going to find you in your dormitory!”
Shao Du’s voice was so loud that everyone in the dining hall immediately heard it and looked over.
After Li Qianyu heard what he said, his face immediately changed, and he screamed unlucky, how could he be discovered by this guy? It’s not easy to sneak away now.
But she also pretended not to hear, and left at a faster speed.
However, how did Du Shao let her leave, rushed over at a faster speed, and immediately stopped in front of her. A pair of aggressive eyes flowed around her, especially for her figure and appearance. Don’t covet, still in front of her, swallowed saliva, so that Li Qianyu only felt a bit of cold.
“Is there anything?” Li Qianyu said coldly, she almost carved the word disgust on her forehead.
Shao Du seems to be accustomed to Li Qianyu’s indifference. He didn’t feel sad or embarrassed at all. Instead, he smiled more brilliantly. He smiled and said, “There’s something, of course something is going on, Qianyu, my goddess, I’m waiting for you. It’s so hard to wait. You said you would be my girlfriend last time, should you promise me now?”
Li Qianyu said: “Sorry, I’m still not deciding. Give me some more time.”
“Huh? I’ve given you enough time, Qianyu, don’t play around with me, you know my character.” Du Shaopi said with a smile, his tone was full of Threatened.
Li Qianyu immediately felt the tremendous pressure. When she didn’t know what to do, suddenly, her gaze passed Du Shao, and she saw a person in the corner. Her eyes lit up and she blurted out, “I already have a boyfriend.” ……”

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