A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1811

After saying this, it immediately caused a sensation!
You know, Li Qianyu is a flower, in school, I don’t know how many admirers there are.
If you line up, you can go around the school.
And the most important thing is that Li Qianyu is now in her junior year, and there has never been a report that she has a boyfriend, so she is the most popular one in the whole department, the clearest. But now, she actually admitted to having a boyfriend, which is a huge message for many boys!
Especially for Du Wei, the corners of his mouth twitched, and his face was ugly.
For a long time, he has regarded Li Qianyu as his prey, a woman he has to get started sooner or later, but now, he has been picked up first, which is absolutely unacceptable to his character! !
In an instant, the people around him felt a chill, which was transmitted from Du Wei, causing the temperature of the surrounding air to drop by several degrees.
“Are you sure you are not joking?” Du Wei’s face was gloomy and terrifying, especially terrifying.
Li Qianyu felt it at first, but she also shook her head, but she immediately shook her head, and said, “Of course not! My boyfriend is very powerful.”
She has had enough of Du Wei’s entanglement. Now that she has this opportunity, she will naturally not let it go, and take a good blow to Du Wei. The best thing is to let Du Wei retreat.
Feeling Du Wei’s anger, other people couldn’t help but squeeze a sweat for Li Qianyu’s boyfriend.
Who is so courageous that even the woman Du Shao is fond of dare to touch? Is this impatient to live?
The whole department, and even the whole university, who didn’t know, Li Qianyu was the woman Du Shao liked, and Du Shao was an extremely powerful man. After the sophomore year came, within a semester, she had already become a school student. Overlord, fight against invincible hands all over the world.
And he also declared in public that Li Qianyu is his goddess. If anyone just hits Li Qianyu’s attention, he is going to be against him, it is best to weigh it by himself! !
At the beginning, he was an arrogant person. He did not put Du Shao in his eyes and continued to pursue Li Qianyu, but soon, he got a miserable end. Even a strong senior was also ruthless by Du Shao. He fixed it hard, and after that time, no one would dare to put Du Shao in his eyes and pursue Li Qianyu.
In everyone’s mind, Li Qianyu has become Du Wei’s private property, and whoever touches will die.
But now, a boy suddenly appeared, and he directly gave Li Qianyu on, so Du Wei couldn’t blow his hair!
Du Wei grinned very furiously. The corners of his mouth twitched fiercely, showing a smirk, and said: “Very powerful? Is it? Then I want to see and know who is so courageous and dare not take me. Put Du Wei’s words in the eyes!!”
Anyone who knows Du Wei knows that whenever he shows such an expression, it means that he is really angry, and he is still very angry.
Everyone knows that Li Qianyu’s boyfriend is definitely going to be unlucky, and it’s the kind of unlucky one.
Li Qianyu felt Du Wei’s anger, and she was also a little embarrassed, but she was even more disgusted and impatient. She was really disgusted with such a man, and claimed that she was his private property, and did not respect her at all!
She pointed directly at Lin Ziming who was eating in the corner, showing a happy smile, “Do you want to see him? Very well, he is there.”

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