A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1812

With Li Qianyu’s pointing, in an instant, everyone’s eyes looked at Lin Ziming in the corner.
Soon, they saw the shameless, ordinary-looking men eating there gracefully, turning a blind eye to their attention, as if they could not feel their existence at all, as if they were not in the same world with them.
This feeling makes them subconsciously stunned.
If the realm of Dzogchen reaches the innate realm, he will definitely be able to discover Lin Ziming’s extraordinaryness, and be shocked, give them a hundred courage, and dare not provoke Lin Ziming.
However, these are college students who are so ordinary that they can no longer be ordinary, so how can they discover the horror of Lin Ziming?
After they saw Lin Ziming clearly, they were stunned and questioned, because they had never seen Lin Ziming before.
“No, this guy is Li Qianyu’s boyfriend? It looks too ordinary, doesn’t it look like!!”
“Yes, and not handsome at all, like an uncle.”
“Why does Li Qianyu fall in love with such a man? Li Qianyu’s taste is too strong, right?”
“Eh, do you think this is Li Qianyu’s routine, deliberately looking for a shield.”
“It’s possible. After all, Li Qianyu’s vision is notoriously high. How could he like such a mediocre man.”
“But in any case, this guy is going to be unlucky, and Shao Du will definitely not let him go easily.”
“Look, there’s a good show to watch now…”
Suddenly, everyone in the cafeteria began to discuss fiercely. Quite a few of them didn’t think Lin Ziming was Li Qianyu’s boyfriend, because Lin Ziming looked too ordinary for their aesthetics. Not handsome. At their age, they are all fond of handsome men and beautiful women.
Shao Du’s gaze was also placed on Lin Ziming’s body. Soon, after he saw Lin Ziming’s appearance clearly, he was nothing more than an ordinary person who couldn’t be more ordinary. His original gloomy expression showed a mocking expression. Smiling, said to Li Qianyu: “Qianyu, my goddess, did you find a security guard to be your boyfriend?”
Hearing his words, the other students in the dining hall couldn’t help laughing. Indeed, Lin Ziming’s current appearance really looked a bit like a security guard.
Li Qianyu frowned. She had just used Lin Ziming as her shield, which was also a helpless move, but now, she only feels extremely disgusted and disgusted with Du Wei’s attitude.
Her eyeballs rolled, and she quickly showed a bright smile again, and did not respond to Du Wei. Instead, she walked over to Lin Ziming gracefully and sat next to Lin Ziming directly, and then she did She took an action that shocked everyone, and saw that she took up Lin Ziming’s arm intimately, and there was some blush on her face. For her, it was the first time she grew up to be so intimate with a man, and she was still so intimate with a man. A strange man, this is really a challenge for her.
But now, she has no other way but to fight it out.
She mustered up the courage, pursed her mouth, and kissed Lin Ziming’s face, but unexpectedly, at exactly this moment, Lin Ziming’s face also turned around.
Ever since, I just happened to kiss her…

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