A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1813

Moreover, it’s still the kind of mouth to mouth!
At this moment, Li Qianyu’s eyes widened at the moment he met, and his eyes were full of consternation, panic, shyness, and incredible! ! !
My God, her first kiss was taken away by a strange man.
Damn, why does this guy turn his head suddenly!
At this time, she regretted it very much, but it was a big loss. This was her first kiss, and she planned to leave it to her prince charming in the future.
Not just her, Lin Ziming is also dumbfounded, what’s the situation?
After he got out of the classroom, he didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he wandered around the campus for a while, then went to the dormitory on Whampoa Road, and continued to chat with Whampoa Road for a while, mainly asking for information about the martial art. .
After learning what he wanted to know, he came out, just when it was time for dinner and was a little hungry, he simply ate in the cafeteria.
And his mind was just immersed in the information exchanged with Whampoa Road, digesting the subversive information, and for a while he ignored the surrounding environment.
After all, this is in the university, no one threatens him, so he can be so relaxed.
When a woman suddenly sat next to him and took his arm, he reacted and turned his head subconsciously, but as a result, an oolong scene happened!
He felt it right away, and kissed a warm lips on his own mouth.
And immediately he came back to his senses and saw a flowery face, he immediately opened his eyes, reacted, pushed the opponent away, and said, “What are you doing?!”
Lin Ziming’s tone is very bad. The current college student is really absurd. He just met once and kissed him like this. What a decent way!
As for Li Qianyu, she herself regretted it. She was taken away by this guy for her first kiss. As a result, this guy didn’t get excited, and even pushed her away, maddening her!
“What are you fierce? You obviously turned your face away suddenly, otherwise I will kiss you!” After that, Li Qianyu wailed again, “This is my first kiss. You took it away.”
First kiss?
Hearing these two words, Lin Ziming was a little surprised.
Because Lin Ziming was sitting in a corner, there were no people within three meters around him, and they were not talking too loudly, so no one heard what they were saying. They just saw it. Li Qianyu really is with Lin Ziming. I went up to them, everyone was stunned and suspicious of life’s eyes.
Oh my God, they didn’t read it wrong, Li Qianyu actually kissed this man who looks like a security guard, which is too shocking!
In this way, it shows that this man is really Li Qianyu’s boyfriend! !
At this moment, many boys were heartbroken, and their goddess actually kissed other men in front of her, which was too shocking.
Especially for Du Wei, he didn’t believe that Li Qianyu would have a boyfriend. He didn’t believe in Li Qianyu, but he had absolute confidence in himself.
In the whole university, no one dared to fight him.
But now, when Lin Ziming appeared, it could be said that he slapped his face fiercely, making his face ugly to the extreme, almost dripping water!

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