A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1814

He squeezed his fist tightly and made a squeaking sound, his eyes bursting with fire, and his body was trembling slightly with anger.
As for the classmates who came with Li Qianyu, their eyes are also widened now, what’s the situation? Li Qianyu actually kissed this guy, the cost is too big! They all know that this man is not Li Qianyu’s boyfriend at all, just a stranger.
“Damn! What did I see, Goddess Qianyu, really kissed other men?”
“My heart is breaking…”
“Oh my God, who will tell me that this is not true! This must be an illusion, a dream!”
“Hmph, this guy is dead, he actually dared to kiss Li Qianyu in front of Du Shao, he didn’t know how he died!”
“Hahaha, yes, this guy is dead, who doesn’t know that Li Qianyu is the woman Du Shao is fond of, this guy is done…”
They were originally wailing, but immediately, they saw Du Wei’s anger, and they all showed smirking smiles.
Unanimously, Lin Ziming was going to die. And it’s the kind that ended badly. After all, Du Wei is a super master, and even the boxing masters outside the school are not Du Wei’s opponents.
Lin Ziming quickly noticed the surrounding situation. Combining the look these people looked at him and the murderous intent of Du Wei, he immediately knew about the feelings. It was Li Qianyu who used him as a shield.
This also makes him quite depressed.
Is it because he is born with a physique as a shield?
When he was a son-in-law, some women used him as a shield, but now, he is half-step through the gods, and he is still in college, he is so low-key, he is still used as a shield, he Can be considered served
“Why does every woman use me as a shield? Alas.” Lin Ziming sighed, feeling helplessly.
And when Li Qianyu heard his words, Li Qianyu immediately felt disdainful, thinking that he was bragging, because he was so ordinary, how could many women use him as a shield? If I didn’t have a way, I was forced to be helpless, I wouldn’t use him as a shield.
“Hey, you took my first kiss just now. You have to be responsible. From now on, you will be my boyfriend for one day!” Li Qianyu said.
Lin Ziming showed no interest in the emotional disputes between these college students, and he stood up and said, “Neuropathy.”
When Li Qianyu heard his words, he was immediately angry again. This guy is too damnable. He actually scolded her for being insane. You know, she is the goddess of the masses. How many boys are eager to take pictures. She is flattering!
Seeing that Lin Ziming was really going to leave, Li Qianyu was also a little anxious. She had sacrificed her first kiss just now. If he didn’t get some interest back, he would be in a big loss!
In a hurry, she directly took Lin Ziming’s hand and said, “Hey, stop!”
“What are you doing?” Lin Ziming frowned.
Li Qianyu stomped her feet with anger, and said, “You must be responsible to me!”
Lin Ziming ignored her.
Now Li Qianyu is even more anxious. If you can’t get rid of Du Wei this time, it will be even more difficult to get rid of it in the future. In a hurry, she went straight up and hugged Lin Ziming from behind, “Don’t be angry, I said. I’ll love you for the rest of my life! And, I already have yours in my stomach…”

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