A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1815

Li Qianyu’s words were not completely finished, and it was over halfway through, but the meaning she expressed was already very obvious!
Everyone would think that what Li Qianyu meant was that she was pregnant with Lin Ziming’s child. For all of them, it was another super explosive news!
All of them were thundered immediately. This shock was more subverted and shocked than Li Qianyu had just admitted to having a boyfriend.
After all, having a boyfriend in college is not too outrageous.
Many people are in love.
However, if it is said to have a big belly, it is really rare, especially a goddess of the public like Li Qianyu, for everyone, it is even more shocking and even more shocking.
Lin Ziming heard the heartbreaking voices of many boys present at this moment.
To be honest, he was also shocked by Li Qianyu’s words. Is this woman crazy? He could even say such words, or he was behind and couldn’t keep up with the rhythm of the young people now. Can such words be said casually? Does this girl student do not want her own reputation? !
Don’t talk about Lin Ziming, Li Qianyu is also quite shy now, her face is already flushed, in fact Lin Ziming really misunderstood her, it’s not that she is too casual, but that she really has no way of doing it, so she decided to go all out. Du Wei caused her too much trouble, and she would do Du Wei’s nightmare several times.
In order to get rid of Du Wei in the future, she had no choice but to fight it out.
And it is strange that she knows that Du Wei is amazing, arguably the most amazing person in the entire university.
From a rational point of view, an ordinary person like Lin Ziming who appears casually is definitely not Du Wei’s opponent. However, when she sees Lin Ziming, she has an unspeakable intuition and always feels that Lin Ziming is very difficult. It should be able to help her get rid of Du Wei’s entanglement.
This feeling is very strange and has no basis at all, but Li Qianyu does feel that way. It’s a strange sixth sense of a woman.
Suddenly, after Du Wei heard these words, he was on the verge of breaking out, and he yelled directly: “Fuck you! Grass!!!”
His current expression is extremely hideous, with a murderous look. Li Qianyu is the woman he likes. He has always regarded Li Qianyu as his personal belongings, and will fall into his hands sooner or later.
But now, Li Qianyu was not only chased by other men, but what he couldn’t accept most was that Li Qianyu was pregnant with other men’s children!
Ah ah ah ah ah! ! !
He has always had obsessive-compulsive disorder. In his opinion, Li Qianyu’s behavior is a violent act, a very precious treasure that has been defiled by others.
At this moment, he really had a strong murderous intention towards Lin Ziming, staring at Lin Ziming.
His aura was so powerful that he immediately made everyone around him frightened, and he involuntarily shook his spirit and shook fiercely.
There is no way, the aura that Du Wei shows now is really terrifying. For those college students, it is almost like a devil. Some people with less courage are now frightened with their legs swinging.
“It’s terrible… Is this Du Shao’s true strength? How do I feel that he is like a demon.”
“It’s too strong, I’m shaking constantly now, this guy is dead now, and Shao Du is really angry!”

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