A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1816

“Oh my god, I can’t move my feet anymore…”
The college students were all frightened. They stepped back a few steps and moved away, for fear of offending Du Wei.
Originally, Lin Ziming was very speechless and didn’t want to pay attention to Li Qianyu, because for him, this kind of grievances between college students really lost his identity.
But immediately, he felt Du Wei’s murderous intent, especially the evil aura exuding from him, which caught his attention.
“Huh?” Lin Ziming was taken aback for a moment, and immediately looked at Du Wei. He met Du Wei’s eyes and saw that Du Wei’s pupils showed some weird red colors, which looked like bloodshot eyes. Not entirely bloodshot.
Who is Lin Ziming? As a half-step master of the Divine Realm, he has fought countless times during his birth, and he has so much experience. He can tell at a glance that this college student named Du Wei has a problem.
The aura that Du Wei showed now was something he had never seen before. It was a strange but evil aura.
“What’s the situation?” Lin Ziming couldn’t help but ask such questions in his mind.
Suddenly, a flash of inspiration flashed in his mind, thinking of something, and showing a meaningful smile, “Could it be that this is the technique of the school?”
Yes, Lin Ziming now has this speculation in his mind. After all, for him, he has seen a lot of exercises, but he has never seen an evil one. This is a relatively new field. , So he had to think about the aspect of martial art.
In fact, in his dormitory on Whampoa Road just now, he also asked Whampoa Road about the martial arts, what kind of existence do they have?
The Whampoa Dao also gave him an answer. According to the Whampoa Dao, the group of people are actually thoughts and concepts. They are still in ancient times and cannot accept modern changes, especially those in the form of sovereign states.
However, this group of people is very powerful. They are very focused. They spend their entire lives on studying the limits of the human body and exploring the direction of life, which is inconsistent with the mainstream concept of exploring advanced technology.
According to Whampoa Road, people in the martial art have strong personal strengths, and their personalities, three views, are also biased for modern people.
Lin Ziming asked another key question, that is, in a society of national sovereignty, are there many sects?
The answer given by Whampoa Road is quite a lot.
Because of the simple truth, even people in the sect, there are still a few who yearn for the sovereign state society, just like the people in the state society, there are also some who yearn for the sect.
In fact, in recent years, the phenomenon of mutual penetration between sects and countries has become more serious.
Therefore, in society, there are not too few sectarians, but they are generally very low-key and dare not cause too much trouble, otherwise people from the country will directly punish them.
Speaking of this, Lin Ziming probably understood it.
But now it seems that the college student named Du Wei in front of him is very likely to be a member of the martial arts, and it seems that he is not bad at all. I just don’t know what kind of level his strength is in the martial arts?
For a while, Lin Ziming became more interested in Du Wei.

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