A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1817

Du Wei is in a state of extreme anger, and now he has a strong impulse to tear Lin Ziming in half!
Come to vent the anger in your heart.
But Lin Ziming was actually not frightened, but showed him a ridiculous smile, which made him even more angry. He thought that Lin Ziming was provoking him, and he didn’t even put him in his eyes. .
“You fucking…”
Du Wei finally couldn’t help it. He was not a good-tempered person, and strode directly towards Lin Ziming, his expression gloomy.
At the same time, his eyes were full of evil and threatening to stare at Lin Ziming. In his opinion, Lin Ziming was already a dead person, and even the heavenly king, Laozi, there was no way to save Lin Ziming!
In fact, it was not the first time for him to kill. Among college students, he had killed several guys who looked unpleasant, and his methods were extremely clever, and there was nothing left behind. Evidence, even people from the state and society, can’t find him.
Wrong, he is from the school!
His strength is extraordinary, and he can only be regarded as an ordinary person in the martial world, but he is a one-to-one existence in the country and society, killing all quarters, and almost no one is his opponent. Over time, he has cultivated him to be extremely arrogant and arrogant, not putting the country and society in his eyes.
Now Li Qianyu is his personal belongings, and Lin Ziming, this rubbish, dare to get involved, in his opinion, it is already a death crime.
However, he didn’t rush to kill Lin Ziming immediately. He wanted to use the most miserable method in the world to torture Lin Ziming severely and let Lin Ziming die in endless pain.
With his murderous and violent, constantly improving, the aura that exudes from him becomes even more terrifying and scary.
In Lin Ziming’s perception, one could see Du Wei’s whole body exuding an evil black air, which spread to most of the dining hall, especially the whole body that began to surround him.
This made Lin Ziming’s eyes cold a lot and asked. He was murderous for Du Wei. Of course, he would not be as obvious as Du Wei, and he would not execute Du Wei so easily. .
Strictly speaking, this was the second time he met, a person in the school.
He wants to use Du Wei to better understand the martial art and how it works.
Because he had a hunch, he always felt that sooner or later there would be friction between the sect and the sovereign state.
And he, as a person on the side of a sovereign country, can’t do it.
Du Wei still didn’t know that he had been targeted by Lin Ziming. He didn’t know what kind of person he was provoking. Now his face was fierce and intimidated. He stared at Lin Ziming, and then looked at him again. Putting it on Li Qianyu, he said fiercely: “I said you have always rejected me and refused to agree to me. It turns out that you have found a concubine! Li Qianyu, you let me down and angry!”
“And you…” Du Wei pointed at Lin Ziming and laughed. It was an extremely hideous and threatening smile, which could make children cry out in fear, even adults, being stared at by this kind of stare. On the Internet, you will also be frightened.
“I dare to interfere with the woman whom Du Wei is fond of. There is only one end…” He said here, paused, and said a word with his mouth: death.

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