A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1820

Li Qianyu was so anxious to cry, in her opinion, Lin Ziming was definitely not Du Wei’s opponent!
In a hurry, she called out loudly, “Du Wei! You don’t want to hit him again, I promise you, I will be your girlfriend!!”
When Du Wei heard this, the sneer on his face became more vigorous, and his heart became even more angry. It seems that Li Qianyu really likes the guy in front of him, so he will sacrifice herself!
So he was even more murderous towards Lin Ziming, “If you have a kind of fucking place, don’t hide!!”
Two minutes later, Du Wei didn’t even run into Lin Ziming, which made him a little bit irritated and cursed fiercely.
Lin Ziming nodded and said, “As you wish.”
He stopped retreating and never dodged in the face of Du Wei’s attack.
Du Wei saw that Lin Ziming finally didn’t dodge, his face suddenly showed ecstasy and grinning, thinking that Lin Ziming was a bad pen, and such a clumsy radical technique was successful.
“Then you are dead…”
After his voice fell, his paw came to Lin Ziming, and then he grabbed it fiercely!
At this moment, Lin Ziming seemed to take a shot casually, clashed hard with Du Wei’s claws.
Du Wei was about to laugh, this stupid man actually dared to face him head-on, doesn’t the other party know that his fingers are as hard as iron!
In his mind, he had already seen Lin Ziming’s right hand being broken by him and screaming.
However, the next moment, when his eagle claws crossed Lin Ziming’s fingers, he felt a surge of surging power!
Immediately afterwards, his fingers seemed to be caught in a high-speed machine, completely unable to resist, and he heard a few clicks.
Lin Ziming’s five fingers were cut off easily.
He uttered an unprecedented scream.
And this scream reached everyone’s ears, and they felt the same, and couldn’t help but get goose bumps.
Especially seeing that Du Wei’s fingers became a weird shape, which was completely cut off brutally by Lin Ziming, and they felt their right hand chilled.
After Lin Ziming saw his path clearly, he naturally wouldn’t talk nonsense with him, and directly abolished him.
He has been 100% sure that this man named Du Wei comes from a sect, and his practice and behavior are extremely evil, and staying here is also a scourge to the people.
What do people like this do if they don’t abolish them or keep them?
At this moment, everyone opened their eyes wide, with completely incredible expressions.
They couldn’t accept this fact for a while. Under what circumstances, the invincible Du Wei was actually scrapped by this unremarkable guy?
So in the huge cafeteria, it became strangely quiet.
All of them looked at Lin Ziming dumbfounded.
Especially Li Qianyu, her expression is even more exciting…

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