A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1824

Someone wants to call the police.
After all, for them, such a big thing happened, enough to make them panic. Although Du Wei is very hateful, he is a college student after all.
After they called the police, Lin Ziming also called the third place of Xuanyuan, briefly mentioned the matter just now, someone would take care of it.
Although what happened just now is very subversive for the college students in the cafeteria, time will make people play down these things. After a period of time, there may not be anyone mentioning it again, and life is slowly returning to its original trajectory. .
Maybe the influence on Li Qianyu will last longer.
At this moment, Lin Ziming had already mentioned Du Wei to a remote and uninhabited place, threw Du Wei down, and said, “Which school do you belong to.”
Du Wei’s words were already shocked. His whole body was trembling with fear, “Senior, I, I, I, please let me go…”
Lin Ziming said lightly: “I’m not patient.”
Du Wei didn’t dare to be sloppy, and quickly introduced his origins.
After Lin Ziming listened, he had a deeper understanding of the school.
The so-called martial arts, to ordinary people, are like people in another world.
But for a warrior of Lin Ziming’s realm, it’s actually not too far away.
What surprised Lin Ziming was that Du Wei did not come from the Four Martial Schools, but from a school called Sun Moon God Sect.
When he heard the name of this sect, Lin Ziming still showed a strange expression on his face, Sun Moon God Sect, how does this sound like the sect in a martial arts novel.
Du Wei also saw Lin Ziming’s doubts. He quickly explained, “Senior, the Sun Moon God Sect in the martial arts TV series is based on our Sun Moon God Sect, but the background has changed. Senior, I don’t want to be with you. If you are right, please let me go…”
Lin Ziming had already asked what he wanted to know. For Du Wei’s begging for mercy, he directly slapped Du Wei’s Heavenly Spirit cover and solved him.
For people like Du Wei, death is the best outcome, and Lin Ziming is purely doing harm to the people.
It’s just that when he hadn’t noticed it, when he shot Du Wei to death, there was a very small electronic device in Du Wei’s subcutaneous tissue, which was suddenly activated and sent a signal.
Lin Ziming is a super master of the half-step divine realm, but he is still in the human category and has no ability to detect electromagnetic waves, so he hasn’t noticed this.
At the same time, in another city, a tall man stood up suddenly with shock and anger on his face, “Something happened to Du Wei!!!”
His fierce movement immediately shocked everyone else in the room, and he asked quickly.
“Master, what happened to Du Wei? Didn’t he live a chic life in the university of the country?”
“Yes, Master, did something wrong? And Du Wei is a master of the innate realm, and there are blood demons. In the university, how can anyone kill him?”
When many people were curious, this tall middle-aged man’s face was extremely gloomy. He took out an instrument from his body and said in a deep voice: “Du Wei’s life and death card has been activated. He is dead. Up.”

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