A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1834

This is a bit bragging. Didn’t Lin Ziming know that the queen is the most noble being in the Eagle Country, and it is also the belief of the Eagle Country. How many people can’t see the Queen at the same time?
Prince William couldn’t help laughing immediately, “Sorry, I didn’t hear clearly just now, who did you mean to see?”
Lin Ziming glanced at him and said faintly: “See your grandma.”
Alice chuckled a bit when she heard this. In China, this sentence was a bit curse. However, as a native of the Eagle Dog country, Prince William didn’t know that Lin Ziming’s words had another meaning. He shook his head, thinking that Lin Ziming’s spirit was problematic, and he actually came to the Eagle Dog country to see the queen.
“Sorry, I’m afraid you won’t see Her Royal Highness the Queen. Her elders are very simple, and most people can’t see her.” Prince William said eloquently, mocking Lin Ziming for being qualified to see the Queen.
In fact, it can’t be called a ridicule, because it is the case. Your Royal Highness, do you think you see you when you want to?
Lin Ziming just smiled slightly without explaining too much.
Suddenly, he felt that the murderous intent that had appeared just now appeared again, and it was stronger and stronger than before!
Moreover, the distance is not far away.
He had just arrived in the Eagle Dog country, and he encountered such a thing, it was really helpless.
The silence for him fell in the eyes of Prince William, and it became a shameful expression, which made him feel much better.
Alice also thought that Lin Ziming was a bit ostentatious, and actually said that she had come to see the queen.
Not to mention that Lin Ziming is a Chinese, even if she grows up so big, she has only seen Her Royal Highness from a distance when she was a child.
After all, Her Royal Highness is noble and the god of the Eagle Dog Kingdom. Where can you see it if you want to?
Lin Ziming said at this time: “You are being watched by the killer.”
“Huh? What?”
When Prince William heard these words, he was visibly stunned, then looked at Lin Ziming and asked: “Sorry, I didn’t hear clearly just now. What did you say?”
Lin Ziming rolled his eyes silently for Prince William’s slowness.
“I said you were targeted by murderous intent.” Lin Ziming said again.
Now Prince William heard clearly, he laughed haha, “Lin from China, you are really humorous. Do you know who I am? I am Prince William of Eagle Country, and even the Queen loves me very much. , I am going to take over the Eagle Dog country from now on, you said there are assassins to assassinate me?”
After speaking, he shook his head, thinking that Lin Ziming must have a problem with his mind. Just now he said he had a killer when he came to see the queen.
Looking at the entire Eagle Dog Country, who would dare to assassinate Prince William?
Is it impatient to live?
But for Alice, she frowned. As a woman’s instinct, she didn’t think Lin Ziming was a person with mental problems. She immediately stared at Lin Ziming and asked in a deep voice: “Lin, you Are we sure we are being targeted by killers?”
Lin Ziming nodded lightly and said, “Yes.”
Prince William laughed louder now.

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