A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1836

Anyway, after he finished protecting Alice, he would go to the queen by himself.
I believe that with his strength, the Queen of the Eagle Country will not fail to see him.
When Prince William saw that Lin Ziming had stopped speaking, he thought that Lin Ziming was a guilty conscience and couldn’t help showing his pride.
He glanced at Alice secretly and found that Alice’s eyes to Lin Ziming were not as friendly as they were just now, and he was even more happy.
At this moment, Lin Ziming sensed something. He sat upright and said to the driver: “Turn left! You can’t take the road on the right!”
Because of what Lin Ziming said suddenly, the driver was taken aback. The steering wheel turned quickly, causing the car that was running smoothly to sway all of a sudden, causing Prince William and Alice in the car to almost fall.
Especially Prince William, he still had red wine in his hand. Under such a swaying situation, the red wine in the glass was directly tilted out and poured onto his crotch. This made him totally unacceptable and immediately annoyed. Get up: “Chinese!! You are so presumptuous!!”
Alice also frowned. She almost fell down just now, and said to Lin Ziming dissatisfiedly: “Lin, what are you doing!?”
Lin Ziming didn’t answer them immediately. He was concentrating, venting his thoughts, and perceiving the killer’s murderous intent and whereabouts. He had discovered that on the mountain road on the right, many killers had already been ambushed.
And they turned out to be the killers of the Innate Realm!
It’s not easy for a killer of this scale to dispatch. It is impossible for the guards of Prince William to stop these menacing killers.
Lin Ziming still said in a deep voice, “You can’t take the road on the right, there are many killers ambushing there!”
Hearing these words of Lin Ziming, Prince William cursed directly: “Insane! I have no patience to talk nonsense with you. I am so polite to you because of Alice’s face. If you dare to be presumptuous, I will directly Throw you out!”
Before the change, Alice would definitely speak for Lin Ziming, but now, she also felt that Lin Ziming was too much.
Lin Ziming saw that they were obsessed, so he sighed and said to Alice, “Miss Alice, don’t you believe me?”
Alice said, “Lin, you should be safe. We are in the Eagle Country, and no one would dare to be disrespectful to us.”
Well, since Alice has said so, he can’t hold on anymore.
There is a good saying in Huaguo, that you will not cry if you don’t see the coffin. They don’t even see the killer in person, and I’m afraid they won’t believe it.
Well, let them see the power of these assassins.
So Lin Ziming didn’t bother to say anything, and asked the driver to drive the convoy to the mountain road on the right.
This mountain road is very spacious, but there is no traffic flow at this point, it is a great place to ambush.
When Prince William saw that he had walked for a while, there was no ambush, he immediately mocked, “Now I’m driving into the road on the right, why is there no killer?”
However, just as long as he had just said this sentence, immediately, a sudden change occurred!

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