A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1837

Lin Ziming felt it instantly, his expression became extremely serious, and the muscles of his whole body became tense. He shouted in a deep voice: “The killer has been dispatched! Get down!!!”
He yelled these words very loudly, and in accordance with his expression, he once again frightened Prince William and Alice, especially for Alice, she couldn’t tell if Lin Ziming was joking. .
Immediately afterwards, she opened her eyes wide, because she saw Lin Ziming actually leaped towards her and pressed her under her body!
Too much, too presumptuous!
She grew up so big, and she had never been so frivolous by a man, Lin Ziming was the first one.
As for Prince William, he was stunned for a moment, and then his eyes were cracked, and he was furious, “Damn Chinese, you are looking for death!!!”
He roared out these words, and he was going to punish Lin Ziming.
However, at this moment, his gaze saw outside the window, there was a rocket object, swiftly towards them, galloping towards them.
There was absolutely no time for him to react. The next moment, he heard a loud boom!
This flying rocket hit the Rolls Royce hard, and the huge impact directly overturned the Rolls Royce.
And everyone in the car is spinning
This sudden change scared everyone and was stunned, especially Prince William and Alice. They never thought that someone would really attack them!
Fortunately, Rolls-Royce is a special bullet-proof car that can’t even penetrate missiles.
But even so, it is hard to say for Prince William and the driver, especially Prince William, because he didn’t wear a seat belt, and he rolled a few laps in the car, and his head was hit hard.
As for Alice, because she was protected by Lin Ziming in her arms, and Lin Ziming didn’t know what method she used, her body could still be tightly attached to the seat under such a fierce tumbling. Alice didn’t suffer any harm because of this.
Finally, Rolls-Royce ran into the foot of the mountain after rolling a few laps.
The surrounding glass was shattered.
This sudden upheaval shocked the teams behind.
However, these guards are all very experienced, and they have reacted for a long time. A killer launched an assassination on them! ! !
After Lin Ziming confirmed that there was no danger for the time being, he let go of Alice and asked concerned: “Alice, are you in trouble?”
There was nothing wrong with Alice’s body, her hair was scattered, and a panic and nervous expression appeared on her face.
After such a drastic change, she didn’t react for a while. After Lin Ziming had asked her again, she began to react, shook her head and said, “No, I have nothing to do… Killer, really There is a killer…”
With this hindsight, her face became pale with fright.
The whole person was also a little scared to tremble.
Lin Ziming had no contempt for her performance, because for an ordinary person, he would definitely be very scared when encountering such things. This is human nature.
He said: “Yes, there are assassins watching you. It’s a pity that you didn’t listen to me. You still took this path, which could have been avoided.”

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