A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1838

Lin Ziming sighed slightly. If Prince William was so arrogant, then listen to him, nothing like this would happen.
It’s a pity that nothing came to fruition, and things still happened like this.
After Alice heard it, she also regretted it. She knew there was a killer. She should persuade Prince William just now to listen to Lin Ziming’s arrangement.
Thinking of Prince William, she immediately looked over and found that Prince William was lying in a very distorted posture. His expression was full of pain, and there was bleeding on his forehead. Obviously, when he rolled just now, he was hit. Light, screaming constantly.
“Prince William, are you okay?” Alice asked concerned.
Prince William kept taking a cold breath. His scalp was tingling and his head was stunned. After hearing Alice’s concern, he looked over and immediately saw what made him jealous and angry. One scene.
I saw that damn Chinese man, pressing his Alice under his body, and still sticking so close!
This posture was too shameful, and made him feel green for a moment.
“You guys! What are you doing?!” Prince William roared out, his expression looked very hideous and jealous.
Alice reacted, and she immediately found out that the posture between herself and Lin Ziming seemed too warm and too ashamed.
Especially his chest was deformed.
This made her face blushing all at once, feeling Lin Ziming’s breath, sprayed on her face, making her very shy and nervous, but there was no repulsion.
Since she was young, she has never been so intimate with any man, which made her extremely shy, and the roots of her ears were red.
Lin Ziming also discovered this, and secretly shouted two sins, and then immediately got off Alice. He quickly recovered to the surface and said: “The killer has come, we must do a good job of defense! Prince William, the most So I can contact the royal family and let them send support.”
Prince William glared at Lin Ziming fiercely. After hearing what Lin Ziming said, he also realized that he was in a bad situation now and it was too late to care about Lin Ziming. He took out his mobile phone for the first time. You have to make a call.
However, because he was so hurried, after taking out the phone, he accidentally made it fly out.
Lin Ziming is really speechless, what kind of prince is this, so dude.
Alice also rolled her eyes, feeling shameless at Prince William’s rush.
Prince William was also a little embarrassed. He was about to get out of the car, picking up the phone, and was pulled by Lin Ziming, “Can’t get out of the car, here is a sniper ambushing outside.”
When Prince William heard this, he was shocked. The whole person trembled. He didn’t dare to act rashly any more. At the same time, he was also very regretful. Why was he so stupid just now that he lost his mobile phone.
At this time, Lin Ziming said to Alice again: “Use your mobile phone to call for help.”
Alice nodded, took out her mobile phone, called the family, and asked for support.
However, she couldn’t make calls anymore, and she kept telling her that there was no signal.
Lin Ziming sighed when he saw this situation. He knew that this must have been blocked by the killer, and a Weng Zhong had come to catch a turtle.
At the same time, he was also quite curious. Which organization was so bold that even dared to fight Prince William’s idea in the Eagle Dog Country?

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