A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1840

At this time, in the convoy behind, many agents came down immediately, and they moved quickly to counterattack, and some people touched here.
“His Royal Highness, are you okay?”
It was a middle-aged agent Yixie, and he touched his hands and feet very quickly. His face was firm and there was no panic, showing his extremely strong professional qualities.
Because of his appearance, Prince William was relieved a lot at once, and asked: “Captain Peter, we have nothing to do. What happened just now?”
Captain Peter said in a deep voice: “His Royal Highness, I regret to tell you that we have encountered the assassin’s ambush, but please rest assured, Your Royal Highness, we will repel these assassins!”
Hearing Captain Peter’s promise, Prince William relaxed a lot. He immediately said: “Then trouble Captain Peter, we must catch the killer. I have to see who is so courageous and dare to hit me. idea!!”
He said this with a bit of majesty, a little bit of prince’s majesty.
Unfortunately, they still too underestimated the strength of these killers.
Prince William caught Lin Ziming shaking his head, thinking that Lin Ziming was scared, and said with disdain: “Chinese people, are you scared? Don’t worry, you will not be harmed with my royal guard.”
Alice thought so too. She also nodded and said to Lin Ziming: “Yes, Lin, don’t be afraid, you are a guest of our Eagle Dog Country, and we won’t let you be harmed.”
Lin Ziming didn’t bother to say anything more about their confidence, but nodded, and then walked out of Rolls Royce.
Alice saw this movement of his, and she immediately surprised Alice, and said quickly, “Lin! What are you doing?!”
Prince William also looked at Lin Ziming in surprise, he didn’t understand what Lin Ziming was doing.
Lin Ziming said lightly: “These assassins are very powerful. Prince William’s royal guard is not an opponent. I’ll go and get rid of these assassins.”
What he said was very plain, as if he was just saying that there was a group of ants outside, and it was as simple as going out to trample to death.
But this word fell in Prince William’s ears, but it turned into a big joke, making him laugh with a belly, “Hahahaha…I heard it wrong, right? What did you just say? You wanted Go out and kill these killers? Alice, where did you know the idiot, hahaha.”
Now even after Alice had finished listening, there was a black line all over her head. She felt that Lin Ziming was too pretending, and it was already a bit annoying.
Alice pulled her face down and said to Lin Ziming, “Lin, you are not humorous at all in this joke! Now facing the killer, they are all extremely vicious bad guys who can kill people! You will only add chaos if you go out now. ”
Lin Ziming was a little touched by Alice’s protection, but he was more helpless. He said, “Alice, I didn’t make a joke with you. In fact, I forgot to tell you that in addition to being a scholar, I also I have an identity. I am the top powerhouse in the world. Only I can protect the safety of you and Prince William.”
When he finished speaking, he would let go of Alice’s hand and open the car door directly to go out.

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