A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1841

His action frightened both Alice and Prince William!
Especially Prince William, he shouted directly: “Damn Chinese! What are you doing, you want to die by yourself, don’t pull us!”
Prince William roared out, and his expression looked terrifying now, and he couldn’t be scared.
There is no way, the current situation outside is really too dangerous.
He had heard all kinds of fighting, gunfire, and screams coming from outside, and occasionally he could see fierce battles and bloody scenes.
Regardless of how he usually made a lot of speeches in front of the people, showing a very brave personality, but in fact, he was still very timid.
Since childhood, he has grown up in a greenhouse, and he has never encountered any danger. Now he has encountered such a fierce assassin for the first time, and he is already scared.
In his opinion, this Rolls-Royce was their last refuge and could give them absolute safety. What if Lin Ziming opened the car door and let these killers rush in?
He is a prince, with a high position and a prominent identity, he doesn’t want to die.
And Alice had similar thoughts, besides being scared, she was more angry! ยท
Angry Lin Ziming was so arrogant and selfish that she didn’t take her words to heart.
She absolutely does not believe that Lin Ziming really has this ability to solve these killers. Now she suspects that Lin Ziming has a mental problem, otherwise normal people would be so reckless in this situation!
At the same time, she is also beginning to regret now. She knew that Lin Ziming was such a person. She shouldn’t have invited Lin Ziming in the car back then.
“Lin! You want to die by yourself, but don’t hurt us! Now you leave me in the car!!”
Alice called out loudly, her face was ugly, she was absolutely angry.
At the same time, her hand firmly grasped Lin Ziming and prevented Lin Ziming from going out.
Seeing her like this, Lin Ziming sighed and said helplessly: “Alice, do you think I’m kidding? I’m not kidding, I’m saving you.”
He was serious about what he said, but Alice didn’t believe what he said at all, and instead had a better impression of him.
Alice stared at him closely, and said in a commanding tone: “You are not allowed to go! I’m so fed up with you! I originally thought you were different from other people, but I didn’t expect you to be so arrogant and annoying. people!”
Alice Barabara said a lot of Lin Ziming’s bad things, and made a lot of complaints.
Lin Ziming was also very helpless, but he also saw that Alice would not let him get out of the car anyway.
Lin Ziming thought for a while, he still chose to listen to Alice. There is a saying that is good, you can’t cry if you don’t see the coffin. Since Alice doesn’t believe him, then wait for the last step before he takes action.
Anyway, with his strength, even if these royal guards were all dead, he still had the ability to protect Prince William and Alice.
As for the life and death of these royal guards, it was not that he did not want to save, but that Prince William let them die.
“Good.” Lin Ziming nodded and said, “I promise you.”
Alice’s face looked better now.
At this moment, in their sight, they saw the front, the royal guard and the killer were fighting together, and the scene was extremely shocking and bloody.

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