A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1842

These assassins wore masks on their faces and couldn’t see the real appearance. They only showed two eyes, which looked particularly terrifying.
Especially their strength, displayed, is unusually strong, and various actions that exceed the limits of humans, look like mutants, and both speed and strength far surpass normal people.
In front of them, they saw a killer, who actually lifted a car with both hands directly, used it as a shield to block the bullets of the guards, and then smashed it heavily towards the guards.
There was a loud bang!
These guards had no time to dodge and were directly smashed into meatloaf!
This scene was so bloody that Alice couldn’t help but screamed out, and Prince William was trembling with fright, and there was no blood on his face.
Seeing their reaction, Lin Ziming shook his head slightly.
However, Lin Ziming’s attention was mainly focused on these assassins. He found these assassins, and the strengths they showed one by one carried an evil aura, which was different from the traditional warriors.
Upon discovering this, Lin Ziming narrowed his eyes slightly, and a person suddenly thought of him.
Du Wei.
It’s wrong, it’s this person from the school, the Sun Moon God Sect.
Du Wei also has this evil aura.
I still remember Peng Zhuo said that martial arts not only exist in China, but all over the world, like the Sun Moon God Sect, and in the West, they are the predecessors of vampires…
Is it such a coincidence that Lin Ziming just came to the Eagle Dog country and encountered such a coincidence?
At this moment, Lin Ziming felt quite interesting.
Suddenly, there was a bloody hand slapped on the car window, shocking both Prince William and Alice who were concentrating on their energy.
Both of them screamed in surprise. Then, they saw a face full of blood, appeared in front of them, panting and saying: “Your Royal Highness, things are not good, these killers are not ordinary Killers, they are too powerful, we are not rivals…you, go, go…”
Hearing this, Prince William was even more frightened. He trembled so badly that he had to pee his pants at any time.
Although Alice was not so exaggerated, she was also terribly frightened, bit her lips tightly, and tears came out of her eyes.
“What to do, what to do then, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die yet… oh oh oh…” Prince Mighty began to cry, where he still has half a prince. He has become an ordinary person who is greedy for life and fears of death.
“His Royal Highness, it’s too late, hurry…”
However, the guard hadn’t finished speaking, and he received a heavy blow, with an expression of extreme pain on his face, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and then the whole person also fell slowly.
This mutation even scared Prince William and Alice in the car into various exclamations.
Immediately afterwards, there was a dark, tall assassin with a devil mask, appeared in front of them, showing two gloomy eyes, staring at Prince William and Alice closely. , There was a mechanical voice in his mouth: “Prince William, Miss Alice, you can’t run away.”

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