A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1844

Sure enough, Prince William saw this scene, he was even more scared, there was a little blood on his face.
She was so terrified that she cried, with a snot and tears, where there is still a half-prince.
Alice was extremely disappointed when she saw him like this. William was a prince, representing the face of the royal family, and she was scared to tears.
Even if she, as a female generation, faced this situation, although she was very scared, she was not scared to cry. In contrast, Prince William was really bad.
She took a deep breath, forced herself to calm down, and said, “What do you want to do to us?”
The killer became even more impatient and did not answer. Instead, he said unceremoniously: “Come out!”
Alice was taken aback. Her legs were so weak that she was almost unable to walk. No matter how good her mental quality was, she would still be a woman and an ordinary person. In this situation, it is still difficult to maintain Live calm.
At this moment, her gaze turned to Lin Ziming, who was aside, and she found that Lin Ziming’s face looked calm and she didn’t seem to panic as she imagined. This shocked her, but immediately couldn’t help but think of what Lin Ziming said to them just now. , Will protect them…
But soon, she threw the idea out again.
Lin Ziming is just an ordinary person, how can he protect them?
Prince William also saw Lin Ziming’s calmness, and he hurriedly called out, “Chinese people! Didn’t you say that you would protect us! Now is your chance to show, you don’t rush to fight with them!”
Lin Ziming didn’t pay attention to him, and he also used the identity of a prince to order Lin Ziming.
Originally, Alice still had a little expectation, but seeing Lin Ziming’s indifference, she immediately lost her heart.
Yes, she was still holding fantasies, how could Lin Ziming have the ability to protect them.
It seems that this time, something is really going to happen!
At this time, he heard a fierce battle, and immediately stopped. It turned out that all the guards were destroyed.
Soon, those assassins also gathered around.
There are more than ten, all of them wear hideous masks, and they exude an evil aura. They don’t look like humans, but more like demons.
Seeing this, Prince William didn’t dare to hide in the car anymore, and ran out.
And Alice and Lin Ziming also walked out in horror.
They saw the surrounding battle. More than twenty guards who stretched out their hands unexpectedly all died tragically. This left Prince William’s mind blank and almost lost his footing.
Alice is not much better. If she hadn’t been supported by Lin Ziming, she would already be limp on the ground.
Soon, a tall man approaching two meters walked over. This man was wearing more cautious clothes and outlined his explosive muscle lines. At first glance, he knew he was a super fierce man.
He walked up to Prince William and began to speak: “Prince William, hello.”
“You, you, who are you?!” Prince William stammered.

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