A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1845

This person seemed to be smiling, his eyes narrowed slightly, showing a playful smile, and then said: “Soon you will know who I am.”
Prince William was stared at by his eyes, and he saw that his whole body was shocked, and he didn’t dare to speak any more.
Soon the assassin’s gaze was placed on Alice again, and he made a gentleman’s posture, and said to Alice, “Beautiful Miss Alice, your beauty is truly extraordinary. This time we finally waited until you and William The prince.”
Alice held back the panic and said sharply: “You dare to oppose the royal family! You are looking for death!”
“Really?” The assassin took two steps forward. “Who will kill us, please?”
“Of course it is the military power of the Eagle Country, and Her Royal Highness!” Alice said loudly.
“Hahaha…” However, the assassin seemed to have heard a huge joke, and made him laugh. It was very difficult for him to say what he said. The laughter is even more uncomfortable , The eardrum has to be pierced.
Both Prince William and Alice showed painful expressions.
“Miss Alice, if I take the liberty, you are naive, innocent like a piece of white paper.” The assassin said confidently: “Well, take it away, you better not resist…Huh? ”
Suddenly, he seemed to have discovered something novel, looked at Lin Ziming who was aside, and made a puzzled voice, “Oriental? Miss Alice, when did you find an Oriental to be your bodyguard? Up?”
The other assassins also set their sights on Lin Ziming at the same time.
It was obvious that Lin Ziming had always been by Alice’s side, but they seemed to have discovered Lin Ziming now, which made them feel very strange.
However, they also didn’t take Lin Ziming seriously, because in their opinion, Lin Ziming was just a cannon fodder.
Even Prince William’s royal guards were vulnerable to them, let alone a small oriental.
However, when they saw that Lin Ziming’s reaction was very calm and there was no panic, they all felt very strange. Isn’t this Easterner afraid of death?
The killer leader looked at Lin Ziming with interest, and asked, “Are you from the Sun country or from the H country?”
Lin Ziming replied indifferently: “Chinese.”
“Aren’t you afraid of us?” the killer leader asked again immediately.
Lin Ziming laughed, and asked, “What are you afraid of?”
When this question was spoken, he stopped asking him, his eyes sharpened suddenly, and he stared at Lin Ziming, trying to see through Lin Ziming!
But no matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t see through Lin Ziming, because in his opinion, Lin Ziming was just an ordinary person, and there was no strong aura in him.
“It’s interesting.” The killer leader looked at Lin Ziming with interest, and then said to Alice: “Miss Alice, you actually found a madman to be your bodyguard. No wonder your family is so disappointed in you. In that case, I had no choice but to send him on the road first.”
Alice bit her lip tightly, and then made a huge decision. She stepped forward to protect Lin Ziming, and then said: “He is just an ordinary friend I met at the airport! He is a Innocent Chinese, even if you kidnap him, there is no use! You might as well let him go, I am willing to go with you!”
Speaking this sentence, it seemed as if all her strength was wasted.

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