A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1856

Lin Ziming saw Alexander Horton’s expression and understood what was going on. He was too lazy to answer, but said directly to Alice: “Alice is young, it seems I can’t stay anymore. You go to China For fun, I will do my best to be a landlord.”
After speaking, he left directly, Alice wanted to catch up, but was berated by Alexander Horton.
Can only watch Lin Ziming leave.
Just as Lin Ziming walked to the door, he heard some movement and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a meaningful smile.
In a short while, an army appeared, blocking the entrance of Alexander Manor, all with live ammunition and guns, as if on the verge of an enemy, Lin Ziming surrounded the ground.
All the people in Alexander were shocked and startled when they saw this situation.
These are the troops of the Eagle Country, how come they surround the Alexander family? !
And there are still so many people!
“It’s not good, Patriarch! An army appeared outside, surrounding our manor!”
Alexander Horton was shocked when he heard these words, “What’s the situation?!”
The next person replied: “I don’t know! Patriarch, what should we do now?”
At this time, Hilton said: “Patriarch, don’t be too alarmed, most of these troops are here to find the Chinese!”
After Alexander Horton heard this, he was a little relieved and felt that Hilton made sense. Their Alexander family has always been loyal to the royal family. How could the royal family take action against them? It must be the Chinese. of.
“Go, go out and have a look!”
And after Alice heard it, she immediately panicked and ran out immediately, and she saw the army layer after layer outside, and the water that surrounded the entire manor was impenetrable.
Especially, she saw that the spearhead of these troops was directed at Lin Ziming.
There was a bad possibility in her mind, is it really going to kill Lin Ziming? !
Lin Ziming looked at the army in front of him, his face was not sad or happy, making people unable to see what he was thinking.
Alexander Horton stepped forward and said respectfully to the tall white man in front of him: “Excuse me, General, what are you…?”
The tall white man pointed to Lin Ziming in front of him, and said in an irresistible tone: “We are here to arrest this Chinese. Please Patriarch Alexander not to stop our work.”
It turned out to be so, Alexander Horton was relieved immediately, as long as it wasn’t for the Alexander family.
Alice ran out, “Why did you arrest him? He didn’t break the law again. He saved the lives of me and Prince William! He dared to arrest Prince William’s lifesaver, and I must report it to Prince William!”
Unexpectedly, the other party directly said: “No need to report, we are sent by Prince William, this Chinese is also one of the killers!”

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