A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1857

“What?! How is this possible!”
After Alice heard it, she immediately stood up and reacted with excitement.
She is ten thousand people who don’t believe Lin Ziming is a murderer!
If Lin Ziming is really the murderer, why did Lin Ziming save them? Why did he kill those killers? What is the picture?
Lin Ziming also narrowed his eyes slightly, and there was some coldness and anger in his pupils.
He knew that Prince William was not a man of great magnanimity, his character was not good, and he was hostile to him. But he still didn’t think that Prince William would be so distorted, for his own selfish desires, he would avenge his gratitude!
The opposing general continued: “This is Prince William’s order. This killer must be captured, Miss Alice, please don’t mistake the killer!”
When he finished speaking, he made a gesture. These troops immediately took action, and also raised their guns and pointed them at Lin Ziming. As long as Lin Ziming made any rash actions, they would shoot directly.
Seeing this situation, Alice became even more anxious, and she quickly said: “This must be a misunderstanding!”
When Alexander Horton saw that Alice was going to protect Lin Ziming, his face turned black. He directly scolded, “Alice! You come back to me!”
Soon, Alice was pulled by two bodyguards.
Alice said anxiously: “My father, this must be a misunderstanding! Lin can’t be the murderer, he is the savior of Prince William and I! I can guarantee this!”
“Shut up!” Alexander Horton sternly scolded, “What do you know as a woman, go back to your room quickly, without my order, you can’t come out!”
“My father…” Alice was anxious. She wanted to plead for Lin Ziming, but she was dragged away by two bodyguards.
When Lin Ziming saw this scene, he shook his head. It was not that he was scared or angry, but that he felt sad for Alice. Born in such a family, he could only become a family political tool.
“Chinese, I advise you to catch it at the end, otherwise, the bullets of my soldiers don’t have eyes!” The white general in front of him said rudely.
At the same time, the soldiers began to slowly surround Lin Ziming, and at the same time there were more than thirty guns pointed at Lin Ziming.
With just one order, Lin Ziming will be beaten into a sieve.
Ordinary people have long been scared to Liushen Wuzhu when encountering this situation, even if they are masters of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, they cannot escape in the face of the entire army!
After all, the innate realm master is still the essence of human beings, and it is impossible to carry these bullets with one’s own body.
This is also an important reason why these troops, knowing that Lin Ziming is a master of martial arts, dare to fight Lin Ziming.
However, they still underestimated Lin Ziming’s strength too much.
Faced with this situation, Lin Ziming just smiled faintly, and said playfully: “Our country in China has a saying, it’s called grace and revenge. I don’t think that the prince of the Eagle Dog country is such a person.”
The white general immediately scolded him unceremoniously, “You humble Chinese, you dare to speak ill of His Royal Highness, I think you are living impatiently! Loaded!”
With his command, these soldiers immediately began to load up, making the sound of firing needles, which was very frightening at the first hearing, causing everyone in the Alexander family to go back quickly, not daring to move forward, for fear of being hit by the pond fish.
However, as the person involved, Lin Ziming just shook his head lightly, saying that it didn’t matter.

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