A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1861

This information is a string of codes that ordinary people don’t understand at all, but for Lin Ziming, there is no problem. He can see the meaning of the code at a glance.
This is an address, in the Eagle Dog country, he navigated with his mobile phone, and it was not too far away from him.
Soon, he rushed over to this address.
At the same time, somewhere in the Eagle Country, in a remote and dark place, there is a hidden base.
There were more than a dozen people in it, all with oriental faces, who were in a meeting, and looking at their appearance, there was a sorrow and worry that could not dissipate between the eyebrows. It was obvious that they had encountered some trouble.
“Oh! Almost half a year has passed. We are still at a loss. What can we do now? Do you really want to give up?”
A middle-aged man in his thirties sighed.
His words resonated with other people and deepened their sorrow.
“The Shengjiao is too powerful. Our group of people are not opponents at all, and there is no way to infiltrate them! Some time ago, Mei Long and the others were directly discovered by the Shengjiao people and put to death when they performed a task.”
“Damn, these gangsters! How many agents have killed our Huaguo!”
“What else can I do? Are you really going to give up this mission?”
All of them sighed repeatedly, and there was a cloud of sadness on their faces, very bleak.
They are all agents of Xuanyuan No. 3, in fact, they have been lurking in the Eagle Dog Country many years ago, and they have performed many tasks over the years.
Moreover, each of them is a master of innate realm, which can be said to be a very powerful force!
Over the years, they have completed many seemingly impossible tasks, and they have also accumulated a lot of military exploits. As long as they return to China, they will definitely be promoted.
However, just half a year ago, they received a task to rescue a few scientists from a powerful organization in the Eagle Dog Country!
They all thought that this would be a very easy task, and they didn’t take it too seriously. After all, their more difficult tasks have been perfectly completed.
However, the difficulty and danger of this mission far exceeded their expectations!
In this half a year, they tried three rescue operations, but they were all perfectly resolved by their opponents, and several agents were left behind.
The death was miserable.
Now, they really have no solution at all.
At this moment, the middle-aged Yixie who was sitting in the main seat knocked on the table and said: “A new agent has been sent from above. According to Chief Peng, this agent is very powerful. He I believe that it should be able to complete the task.”
He is the person in charge of this group of agents. After hearing what he said, everyone was surprised, but frowned more deeply!
Immediately, a female agent said dissatisfiedly, “What? An agent was sent from the organization? What does this mean, humiliate us, or let this agent go to death!”
An agent next to him said dissatisfied: “That’s right, what did Chief Peng do, just send an agent over? This is a joke!!”
“I see, is it possible that Chief Peng has given up his mission?” Another agent said sadly.
His words also caused the silence of other people, yes, Peng Zhuo must have given up the mission, otherwise it is impossible to just call an agent over.
After all, they are also agents for many years, and understand that a person’s strength is limited no matter how strong it is!
Unless it exists like the military god Huangpu Dao, it can reverse the universe.

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