A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1866

Everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at this scene incredible.
It’s not that their psychological quality is not enough, but that Lin Ziming’s strength is too terrifying.
They know exactly what level Lao Huang is, and they have reached the third stage of the Innate Realm!
It is more rigid in itself, let alone a human arm, even if it is an iron pillar, the foot just now has been kicked and bent.
However, when it hit Lin Ziming’s arm, it was like a mud cow entering the sea, there was no sound, which was incredible!
Besides, with such a huge power, Lin Ziming didn’t move half of his seat on the chair, as if he had taken root. How could this be possible!
It completely violates the laws of physics!
They don’t understand, where did Lao Huang’s strength go?
The most surprised one was Lao Huang himself, his eyes widened now and completely, like seeing a ghost!
He knows how fierce the kick was just now. After he got out of the kick, he still regrets a little bit. There is no strength to hold back under his anger. He is going to kick this ignorant boy to death in minutes. .
Helplessly, this strength has gone out, and he can’t take it back.
But as a result, not only did the opponent have something wrong, but also pushed him away easily. He felt that the kick he had just now made him extremely uncomfortable.
When he calmed down quickly, he realized that the strength of this young man was far above him!
With a faint smile on his face, Lin Ziming said to them, “Let’s go on together. I will also check your skills by the way.”
What he said, for everyone, the impact is still quite big.
The main reason is that Lin Ziming looks too young, no one of them is older, but he is so young, but the temperament that he exudes is extremely majestic, and they all have an indescribable prestige. The pressure made them no longer dare to underestimate Lin Ziming.
They looked at each other again, and now they all began to accept the fact that the young man in front of him was not arrogant, but really capable.
However, if they were able to sit down and beat them, they would absolutely not believe it!
“Okay, then we have to see how good you are!”
The person in charge nodded, he put away his contempt, and began to stand solemnly towards Lin Ziming, and then under the command of his eyes, he was the first to attack Lin Ziming!
Although his speed is not the fastest, his momentum and moves are the most subtle.
Lin Ziming could tell at a glance that this middle-aged Xie was the most powerful one among these agents.
The realm has also reached the fourth stage of the innate realm, which is the same level as Peng Zhuo.
Even the actual combat ability is even more powerful than Peng Zhuo.
It’s no wonder that I’ve been able to stay in the Eagle Country for so long.
Immediately after he took the shot, other agents also launched the fiercest attack on Lin Ziming.
As a young man like Lin Ziming, he said without shame to test their skills, as if they were juniors. How could they be convinced of their pride as a super agent?
Even if Lin Ziming’s strength is higher than all of them, they still have to unite and beat Lin Ziming so that they can live up to their face!

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