A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1867

They admitted that Lin Ziming was very strong, and if they were singled out, none of them would be an opponent.
However, if they couldn’t beat Lin Ziming when they went together, then they would not believe it!
In their view, only super powers in the realm of the gods can do this, right?
And Lin Ziming looked so young, and he was still an agent of Xuanyuan three places, which showed that he could not be a strong person in the realm of God.
Especially in such a narrow conference room, they had no idea what Lin Ziming could do to withstand their attacks!
Therefore, they decided to give a lesson to Lin Ziming, this arrogant boy.
Lin Ziming faced their initiative and raised the corners of his mouth slightly, revealing a meaningful smile.
For these agents, he naturally won’t have a trace of pressure.
The reason why he did this was not to pretend, but to use the most direct method to reassure these agents.
Peng Zhuo said that no matter how much it is, it is only by showing his own strength that these agents will believe in his true strength.
Is there any way to be more convincing than to win over one enemy?
It is too late to say, these agents are all well-trained professional masters, and their combat power is far stronger than ordinary Innate Realm masters.
If Lin Ziming was the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm a year ago, facing this situation, he really might not be the opponent.
But now, he is already half-step through the Divine Realm, and his strength is much stronger than a year ago.
He faced these agents without any pressure at all.
He was still sitting there with a golden sword, and only after these agents came in front of him and launched the fiercest attack on him, he began to move.
In comparison, his movements didn’t seem to be fast, the speed still in the eyeballs of these agents, but the styles and flavors he played out were far beyond their reach!
Bang bang bang…
Lin Ziming shot continuously, he just used his right hand and left foot, and shot one after another. Any agent who was in front of him and was touched by him, as long as he was hit by an electric shock, he was directly bounced off. Get out!
When they fell to the ground, they obviously didn’t have much injuries on their bodies, but they couldn’t get up anymore. It really seemed like they were shocked by an electric shock.
In total, in less than half a minute, these menacing agents fell one by one on the floor of the conference room.
They didn’t scream, because Lin Ziming didn’t hurt them. He just used their weakness to accurately hit their acupuncture points, making them unable to act for the time being.
But Lin Ziming still sat firmly on the chair, his seat has not been moved from beginning to end!
“You are all good at strength, but unfortunately, the understanding of the moves is still a bit simpler.”
Lin Ziming stood up and said lightly, “Next, I will stay here for a few days. I will teach you some martial arts knowledge and help you improve your strength.”
In the entire conference room, there was no sound, and the needle drop was audible. Each of them opened their eyes wide, completely dumbfounded!
They were all frightened and looked at Lin Ziming like a ghost.

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