A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1868

There is no way for them not to be shocked at this moment, and there is no way for them not to be shocked!
Because the strength that Lin Ziming showed just now was too terrifying, they had never experienced such a master at all!
They clearly felt that they were in front of Lin Ziming, like a child, completely unable to fight back, and Lin Ziming’s speed was not faster than them, they could all capture Lin Ziming’s speed.
But Lin Ziming’s control of his moves has reached a godlike level!
To them, Lin Ziming seemed to be an unknown prophet.
Moreover, Lin Ziming only hit their acupuncture points, and there was no harm to them, which was even more terrifying.
It shows that Lin Ziming’s strength is higher than theirs!
This made their minds unable to turn around for a while. When did the three Xuanyuan places have such a perverted expert?
Lin Ziming saw their shock, and didn’t bother them. He walked to the blackboard in the conference room, with his back turned his hands, he began to browse the notes and plans they had made.
His browsing speed is very fast. After a while, he has already remembered the task and the level of the opponent’s organization, and he has a general outline in his mind.
There was a big difference from what he had guessed. The organization that captured several scientists this time was the Shengjiao, which was a branch of the Sun-Moon Church.
It seems that he has a relationship with this Sun Moon God Sect.
At this time, they finally came back to their senses. When they looked at Lin Ziming again, they had completely lost the contempt and hostility they had just now. Instead, they had absolute awe and admiration, as well as exhilaration.
With such a strong support, they will definitely be able to complete the mission this time and rescue a few scientists!
They slowly stood up, looked at each other, and then they all saluted Lin Ziming together, shouting loudly: “Falcon Team, see Chief Instructor!!”
Lin Ziming turned his head, smiled, waved his hand, and said, “You are welcome, everyone is a colleague. Next, tell me about your plans and the difficulties you encountered.”
“Yes! Chief instructor!”
They didn’t dare to hold any more reservations, and they knew that Lin Ziming was their chief instructor and the person in charge of their mission. They would naturally explain it well.
An hour later, after Lin Ziming finished listening, he understood better in his heart.
Nodded and said: “In this way, this holy religion is guarded by many innate realm Dzogchen masters, so you are so difficult.”
“Yes, chief instructor, we are all about to give up. Fortunately, organizationally, you were sent here.” An agent said admiringly. They all worship the strong, and the strong like Lin Ziming is the object of their worship. .
Lin Ziming nodded and said, “A week later, since Shengjiao has taken action, I will take action from that time. I will lead the team to rescue these scientists.”
Regarding Lin Ziming’s order, they naturally obeyed it unconditionally.
Next, they discussed the flow of specific tasks in a week.
At this moment, a female agent suddenly called out in surprise, “Chief instructor, it turns out that you are the overall champion of the Kung Fu Cup!!!”
The other people in the conference room were stunned when they heard what she said, and then they were all surprised and looked at Lin Ziming one after another.
They are still very clear about the content of the Kung Fu Cup champion, and now they have more confidence in Lin Ziming!

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