A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1869

One week passed quickly.
In this week, Lin Ziming didn’t have any leisure, he mainly taught the martial arts of these agents to improve their strength.
As for the entire Falcon team, under the guidance of Lin Ziming, although it has only been a week, their strength has improved by leaps and bounds.
This made them even more admiration and awe of Lin Ziming!
They also began to learn about Lin Ziming’s identity through their own channels. When they learned about Lin Ziming’s deeds, especially his performance in the Kung Fu Cup, they greatly restored the dignity and glory of China. It’s all boiling!
I respect and adore Lin Ziming from the heart, and execute Lin Ziming’s orders without thinking!
Finally, after a week’s time passed, they began to carry out the task, striving to rescue these outstanding scientists in one go!
Originally, those scientists were imprisoned in a very tight underground base, and they were imprisoned in a very tight underground base. It was impossible to break in and rescue people by relying on their hardware!
Because there are not only the protection of the innate realm of Dzogchen, but also many high-tech thermal weapons. Once they enter, they will be beaten into a sieve.
Even if Lin Ziming is here, this kind of rescue method is very inappropriate.
Finally let them catch an opportunity, these people of the Holy Religion, want to transfer these scientists to another base.
In this way, give them a chance!
They can completely intercept and rescue these outstanding scientists in half a step.
At the same time, in the tight base of Shengjiao.
There are seven scientists dressed in white, surrounded by a group of mercenaries armed with guns.
Their faces are heavy, and there is fatigue and sadness between their eyebrows.
They were all scientists from China, and they didn’t expect to be captured by the people of the Holy Cult on the way, and they were forced to do a lot of scientific research experiments.
Although they are not treated badly here, they are unwilling to work for an evil sacred religion! Their hearts are still firmly tied to the motherland!
After they completed their studies in the Eagle Dog Kingdom this time, they also wanted to return to China and contribute their efforts to the prosperity of the motherland.
Especially among them, the most outstanding scientist, Long Chao, is a super god who wants to nominate the Nobel Prize. He has outstanding achievements in various fields and can be said to be a national treasure!
At this moment, two people walked in from outside. They were very tall, with explosive power emanating from their bodies, as if every step they took, the surrounding air would be squeezed by them.
They are just two congenital realm Dzogchen masters from Shengjiao!
‘Mr. Long, this time we will take you to transfer the base and create opportunities for your agents in China. I believe you should be very happy. ‘
One of the masters of Innate Realm Dzogchen said with a smile, between his eyebrows, there was obviously some ridicule and teasing.
After hearing these words, Mr. Long showed some pain on his face and clenched his fists.

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