A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1871

But even if Mr. Long waits for the scientists to become angry again, they still have no way of doing it.
The believers of the sacred religion no longer listen to what they say.
In the end, they could only watch these believers of Shengjiao, escort them to the car, leave the base, and start a massacre of the Falcon Group!
This time, the Shengjiao dispatched was not only as simple as two Innate Realm Dzogchen masters. In addition, there were four Innate Realm fourth-stage masters. There were already more than a dozen Innate Realm Dzogchen masters. The armed forces can be said to be extremely powerful.
Before, when Lin Ziming first stepped into the innate realm, he thought that there were only a hundred masters in the innate realm in the world.
But in fact, at that time, he was a bit sitting on the well and watching the sky. He didn’t even know that there were still many geniuses in this world, and many innate realm masters!
And at that time, he didn’t know that in addition to the society of the national camp, there was also an unknown sect camp.
Moreover, there are more innate realm masters in this sect camp!
The most important reason why the sect was able to protest against the national chamber was because of their vast numbers of masters, and their core spirit was martial arts, constantly breaking the limits of mankind.
It can also be said that they are the remnants of the ancient, cold weapon era, and they have gradually walked a path.
As a result, even if the high-tech development of the country and society is so fast, the sect camp cannot be eliminated!
This has to be said to be a miracle.
There are so many masters in the martial arts camp to an astonishing level. There are even a small Saint Cult, one of its branches, there are 20 or 30 masters in the innate realm.
This is already a terrifying number.
I don’t know what happened among them. Some people in the sect camp have undergone some changes in their concepts, and they have begun to capture outstanding scientists from various countries all over the world.
And Long Chao and other Chinese scientists are one of them.
They can say they have a chance to win this action!
It can be said that the information obtained by the Falcon team was deliberately released, in order to be able to catch the Falcon team in one go.
Although they didn’t have the Falcons group in their eyes, they still felt uncomfortable because they were always staring at them. They simply pulled out the Falcons group’s eye.
at the same time.
Here in the Falcon Group, they also began to capture the news that many members of the Holy Cult were dispatched.
“They moved.”
They successfully captured their tracks through thermal imaging.
“Mr. Long are they also in the car?”
Another agent asked in a deep voice.
They have to make sure of this, which is very important for them.
Their task is not to kill the people of the Holy Religion, but to rescue Mr. Long and other scientists.
“After confirmation, they are all in the car, Mr. Long.”
Zhou Tao immediately cheered up, shook his fist vigorously, and then reported to Lin Ziming: “Chief instructor, the Holy Church has already begun to dispatch. Are we going as planned?”
Lin Ziming was closing his eyes to rest his mind, his appearance looked very relaxed, which made the many agents in the car feel safe.
“Well, proceed according to the original plan.” Lin Ziming nodded.

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