A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1872

After receiving Lin Ziming’s order, they began to operate.
Now they were also in four vehicles, and started to drive, chasing after the convoy of the scientists escorting the scientists.
Their plan is to intercept them directly halfway, and then rescue Mr. Long and other scientists!
They are very excited now, staring at them.
Finally, half an hour later, the convoy of Shengjiao appeared in their sight!
“Catch up!”
Following Zhou Tao’s order, they began to speed up and chased up to the convoy of Shengjiao.
Then an agent pressed a button in his hand, and he heard a loud bang!
I saw a bridge in front of me, and it was directly blown up.
They arranged in advance, calculated that the convoy of Shengjiao must pass here, and then they planted explosives in advance, and before Shengjiao and others arrived, they would blow up the bridge! They blocked their way and came to a urn to catch turtles.
“Blow up the bridge, now they can’t run away, let’s start!”
After Zhou Tao’s voice fell, he was the first to rush up.
Although he is a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, in this case, of course he will not go up with his bare hands. He has a gun in his hand and fires bang, tongue of fire erupts from his muzzle. .
Every bullet takes away a life.
This time the Shengjiao has been dispatched a lot, with hundreds of people coming to escort Mr. Long and other scientists to the migration!
The other agents of the Falcon Group were also not idle, and they also began to attack the Holy Church one after another.
Among these saints, there are some powerful masters, but in terms of overall strength, they are still almost meaningless compared to the professional agents of the Falcon team.
In a short while, almost half of the people were killed.
The task this time seemed too easy, giving them an unreal feeling.
But in any case, as long as these scientists can be rescued, it is a great achievement, and they are still very excited!
“Great, I didn’t think that the mission this time was so much easier. With the chief instructor in charge, it really is different.” An agent said excitedly.
“Yes, the chief instructor is our lucky star, which brings us good luck. The previous few missions were all our missions to conquer the base of Shengjiao, which caused the difficulty of the mission to increase exponentially. Now we intercept halfway and catch turtles in the urn, but it is easy. Too much.”
“As long as this task is completed, we can almost go back to our country to rest, haha.”
“Let’s not talk about that much, let’s rescue Mr. Long and the others!”
They were all very excited. In this action, the hostages were rescued without bloodshed, which is a very happy thing.
With Zhou Tao taking the lead, he quickly walked to the armored vehicle holding Mr. Long and other scientists, and then violently opened the rear door.
“Mr. Long, our Falcon Team has come to rescue you!”
Zhou Tao opened the car door and saw a bunch of scientists in it, but they didn’t have any joy or excitement. Instead, they were all anxious. Mr. Long shouted out: “This is a trap! Run, you guys! Run!!!”
Other scientists also shouted.
Seeing this situation, Zhou Tao was stunned immediately. Not only him, but other agents were also stunned. Then, they all started to numb their scalp.
This is a trap! !

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