A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1873

When they heard this sentence, each of them had scalp numb and realized that it was not good.
No wonder they said that the task was so easy this time, and almost none of them encountered tricky masters, and they solved it easily!
At this moment, they also instantly felt a monstrous and ferocious aura, erupting from behind them.
Like the tide, it swept over them, making them muscles tense, and there was a stormy sea in their hearts!
“not good!!”
Zhou Tao immediately yelled, and then, he quickly looked back and saw a tall, majestic white man with a joking and smirk on his face, walking slowly towards them.
The expression didn’t have the slightest tension or fear, just like a cat catching a mouse or a turtle in the urn.
“You really are here, it’s really touching.”
The white man said ridiculously as he spoke.
Zhou Tao and others felt his aura, and their expressions changed drastically.
I couldn’t help but yelled out: “Innate Realm Great Perfection!!”
But after all, they were professional agents. After a brief shock, they immediately reacted. Zhou Tao shot the opponent for the first time!
His speed is very fast, and what he holds in his hand is the extremely lethal Desert Eagle. If the opponent is hit by him, he must be seriously injured!
However, he still underestimated the opponent’s strength too much.
The moment before he was about to shoot, the opponent had already moved, just like teleporting, and easily dodged.
The other agents also started firing, and the sound of gunfire burst into their ears.
Unfortunately, there is no one shot that can hit the opponent.
“Your speed is too slow to hit me.”
The white man’s figure didn’t stop, and he continued to dodge, but he was obviously doing such violent movements, but the breath of his speech was not chaotic at all, and he appeared very chic and relaxed.
Zhou Tao and their faces were very ugly, and they didn’t expect that there was a Dzogchen master who was lying in ambush here.
Mr. Long is right, this is a trap!
From beginning to end, it is a trap!
As the figure of the white master got closer, Zhou Tao and the others knew that after being close, the gun would be useless, but it would become a burden.
So they didn’t have any hesitation, they made a decisive decision, and immediately took the guns back, and started fighting against this white master!
Zhou Tao himself is a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, and other agents are also good masters of the Innate Realm. There is definitely hope for besieging this white master together!
“Go together!”
Zhou Tao shouted violently, and then started the first one, attacking the white master.
After him, the agents also started to take action, rushing forward one after another.
And they are not fighting indiscriminately, but a set of tactics with a combination of rules.
However, in front of an Innate Realm Dzogchen master, their siege still seemed too inadequate.
“You want to beat me even with your rubbish?”
The white master just smiled disdainfully, and then he started a counterattack.
His moves are open and close, extremely ferocious, like a wolf king, rushing into the flock, it is completely a massacre.

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