A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1874

However, in the past week, Zhou Tao and the others, under Lin Ziming’s training, have also increased their strength a lot, filled many of their previous shortcomings, and their overall strength has improved to a notch.
Therefore, even if their strength is not as good as that of the white masters, for a while, the white masters will not be able to beat them.
This made the white master frowned and felt very dissatisfied. His grand congenital realm Dzogchen master actually couldn’t hold a small group of Falcons.
Sure enough, at this moment, a mocking voice came from the other direction, “Ayelu, you can’t do it, you can’t even take down a small group of Falcons.”
After the voice fell, there appeared a master with the appearance of an Oriental. He didn’t have too strong aura, and his body was not as tall as Ayaru. However, the sense of danger he gave was even more dangerous than Ayaru. Much better!
After Zhou Tao and the others saw this Oriental, their expressions changed drastically again!
Two Innate Realm Dzogchen masters, this is really a trap, you have to catch them all at once without leaving a piece of armor!
This oriental man walked up to Zhou Tao and the others in two steps. He looked down at Zhou Tao and everyone in an absolutely lofty and contemptuous posture. .”
Zhou Tao and other agents gritted their teeth, but there was no way.
The two Innate Realm Dzogchen masters are simply not something they can contend!
Moreover, in all directions, four masters of the fourth stage of the innate realm and more than a dozen masters of the innate realm have emerged.
Seeing this scene, Zhou Tao’s brows jumped!
This is terrible!
“I heard that Hua Guo has sent you support, where, don’t hide it, come out.”
The eastern man said lightly.
However, after his voice fell, there was no movement around, and the support of the Falcons was still unavailable.
At this moment, the Oriental was also a little upset. He snorted and said, “No? If this is the case, then I will kill your group of ants first!”
With that said, he was about to join the battle group and directly eliminate these agents of Zhou Tao.
Zhou Tao and the others were finally in a panic, looking around, they still didn’t have to wait for Lin Ziming to appear.
Could it be that Lin Ziming also knew that he was not an opponent, so he started to persuade him and went into hiding?
If this is the case, then their situation is not good!
To be honest, at this moment, they are very lost in their hearts.
There is even an unspeakable anger, feeling that I have been sold.
This anger was not only directed at Lin Ziming, but also at the three places of Xuanyuan, Peng Zhuo.
They feel that they have become abandoned children without support.
“Brothers!” Zhou Tao roared, “Even if they are killed in battle! We have to pull them back!!!”
“Yes! Pull them back!!”
At this moment, they all exploded with great potential, strength, and momentum, and they were actually upgraded to a new level.
However, for Ayalu and the Oriental, it was just a dying struggle, they didn’t even take it seriously, sneered, and then they were about to hunt.
Everyone in Zhou Tao felt the power of the two great innate realm Dzogchen masters, and they all showed despair. It seemed that Lin Ziming really gave up on them.
But at this moment, suddenly, a fist hitting a stone flew across the sky, making a sonic boom, and the speed was so fast that the surface of the stone began to burn.
He went straight to Ayelu’s body.

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